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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Canonical isomrophim of two Lie algebras arising in CR-geometryEzhov, Vladimir V.; Isaev, Alexander
1996Characterisations of Buekenhout-Metz unitalsCasse, L. R. A. (Rey); O'Keefe, Christine M.; Penttila, Tim
2000Characterisations of flock quadranglesO'Keefe, C.; Penttila, T.
1999Characters and composition factor multiplicities for the Lie superalgebra g1(m/n)Van der Jeugt, J.; Zhang, R. B.
2004Characters of the discrete Heisenberg group and of its completionTandra, Haryono; Moran, William
2003Chern character in twisted K-theory: Equivariant and holomorphic casesVarghese, M.; Stevenson, D.
1999Circumradius-Diameter and Width-Inradius Relations for Lattice Constrained Convex SetsAwyong, Poh-Wah; Scott, P. R.
1996A class of Buekenhout unitals in the Hall planeBarwick, S.
2001A classification of non-degenerate homogeneous equiaffine hypersurfaces in four complex dimensionsEastwood, Michael George; Ezhov, Vladimir V.
2004Classifying the homogeneous hypersurfaces in a homogeneous spaceEastwood, Michael George; Ezhov, Vladimir V.
2010Co-morbidity and the utilization of health care for Australian veterans with diabetesZhang, Y.; Vitry, A.; Roughead, E.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
1998Cohomology of Lie superalgebras and of their generalizationsScheunert, M.; Zhang, R. B.
1996Collineations of Subiaco and Cherowitzo hyperovalsO'Keefe, Christine M.; Thas, J. A.
1998Combinatorial models for perfect secret sharing schemesJackson, W.; Martin, K.
2001Commutative geometries are spin manifoldsRennie, Adam Charles
2003Compact Kähler surfaces with trivial canonical bundleBuchdahl, N.
2003Complex analysis and the Funk transformBailey, Toby N.; Eastwood, Michael George; Gover, A. Rod; Mason, L. J.
2001Complex Quaternionic Kahler ManifoldsEastwood, Michael George
1995Concerning a characterisation of Buekenhout-Metz unitalsQuinn, Catherine T.; Casse, L. R. A. (Rey)
2002Concerning maximal arcs and inverse planesQuinn, Catherine T.