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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Edge of the wedge theory in hypo-analytic manifoldsEastwood, Michael George; Graham, C. R.
2001An edge-of-the-wedge theorum for hypersurface CR functionsEastwood, Michael George; Graham, C. R.
2004Eggs in PG(4n - 1,q), q even, containing a pseudo-conicBrown, M.; Lavrauw, M.
2005Eggs in PG(4n - 1,q)q even, containing a pseudo-pointed conicBrown, M.; Lavrauw, M.
2001The Einstein bundle of a non-linear gravitonEastwood, Michael George
2007Entire cyclic homology of stable continuous trace algebrasVarghese, M.; Stevenson, D.
2002An entire function defined by a nonlinear recurrence relationHone, A. N. W.; Joshi, N.; Kitaev, A. V.
2005Equivalence of spectral projections in semiclassical limit and a vanishing theorem for higher traces in K-theoryKordyukov, Y.; Varghese, M.; Shubin, M.
1997Equivariant Holomorphic Morse Inequalities I: a Heat Kernel ProofMathai, Varghese; Wu, S.
1999Equivariant holomorphic Morse inequalities II: torus and non-Abelian group actionsWu, S.
2001Equivariant Seiberg-Witten Floer homologyMarcolli, M.; Wang, Bai-Ling
1998Equivarient holomorphic Morse inequalities III: non-isolated fixed pointsWu, S.; Zhang, W.
2007Euler characteristics and chromatic polynomialsEastwood, Michael George; Huggett, Stephen
1995Eulerian calculus II: An extension of Han's fundamental transformationClarke, Robert John; Foata, Dominique
1995Eulerian calculus III: The ubiquitous Cauchy formulaClarke, Robert John; Foata, Dominique
1995Eulerian calculus IV: SpecializationsClarke, Robert John; Foata, Dominique
1999Exact discretization of the Ermakov-Pinney equationHone, A. N. W.
2005Examples of unbounded homogeneous domains in complex spaceEastwood, Michael George; Isaev, Alexander
1995Exceptional invariants in the parabolic invariant theory of conformal geometryBailey, Toby N.; Gover, A. Rod
2003Exponential stability and partial averagingGrammel, G.; Maizurna, Isna