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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A general approach to robust web meteringBarwick, S.; Jackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
1998A general decomposition construction for incomplete secret sharing schemesvan Dijk, M.; Jackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
1995A general existence theorem for orthonormal waveletsBaggett, L.; Carey, Alan L.; Moran, William; Ohring, P.
2001Generalising a characterisation of Hermitian curvesBarwick, S.; Quinn, C.
2005Generalized quadrangles and regularityBrown, M.
1995Generalized quadrangles of order (q,q2), q even, containing W(q) as a subquadrangleBrown, Matthew Ross
2003The geometric triangle for 3-dimensional Seiberg-Witten monopolesCarey, Alan L.; Marcolli, M.; Wang, Bai-Ling
2004A geometrical construction of the oval(s) associated with an a-flockBrown, M.; Thas, J.
2004Geometrical contributions to secret sharing theoryJackson, W.A.; Martin, K.; O'Keefe, C.
1998A geometrical picture bookPolster, Burkard Michael
2002The geometry and physics of the Seiberg-Witten equationsWu, S.
1999Geometry and Representations of the Quantum Supergroup OSPq(1|2n)Lee, H. C.; Zhang, R. B.
1998Geometry and the integer quantum Hall effectMcCann, P. J.
1999Geometry of Quantum Homogeneous Vector Bundles and Representation Theory of Quantum Groups.1Gover, A. Rod; Zhang, R. B.
2000A gerbe obstruction to quantization of fermions on odd-dimensional manifolds with boundaryCarey, Alan L.; Mickelsson, Jouko
2004Gerbes, Clifford Modules and the index theoremMurray, M.; Singer, M.
1999Global anomaly matching in super symmetric gauge theoriesWu, S.
2000Global obstructions to gauge-invariance in chiral gauge theory on the latticeAdams, David Henry
1995Group actions on C*-algebras, 3-cocycles and quantum field theoryCarey, Alan L.; Grundling, Hendrik B. G. S.; Raeburn, Iain; Sutherland, Colin E.
1997Halbe Doppeldecker Anschauliche Modelle von SemibiplanesPolster, Burkard Michael; Schroth, A.