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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Halbe Doppeldecker Anschauliche Modelle von SemibiplanesPolster, Burkard Michael; Schroth, A.
2000Hamiltonian quantization of fermions on an odd dimensional manifold with boundaryCarey, Alan L.; Mickelsson, Jouko
1997Han's Conjecture on PermutationsClarke, Robert John
2006Heat kernels and the range of the trace on completions of twisted group algebrasVarghese, M.
2003Higgs fields, bundle gerbes and string structuresMurray, M.; Stevenson, D.
1997Higher bundle gerbes and cohomology classes in gauge theoriesCarey, A.; Murray, M.; Wang, B.L.
2005Higher symmetries of the LaplacianEastwood, Michael George
2001Hilbert C*-systems for actions of the circle groupBaumgaertel, H.; Carey, Alan L.
2001The Hill-Penrose-Sparling C.R.-foldsEastwood, Michael George
1999Holomorphic connections and extension of complex vector bundlesBuchdahl, N.; Harris, A.
1996A holomorphic realisation of analytic cohomologyEastwood, Michael George
1995Holomorphic realization of d-bar-cohomology and contructions of representationsEastwood, Michael George; Gindikin, Simon G.; Wong, H.-W.
2004Holonomy on D-branesCarey, A.; Johnson, S.; Murray, M.
1997Homotopy invariance of Novikov-Shubin invariants and L2 Betti numbersBlock, Jonathan; Mathai, Varghese; Weinberger, Shmuel
2003Hyperbolic monopoles and holomorphic spheresMurray, M.; Norbury, P.; Singer, M.
2001Hypersurface twistors and Cauchy-Riemann manifoldsEastwood, Michael George
1996Ideal secret sharing schemes with multiple secretsJackson, W.; Martin, K.; O'Keefe, C.
1996Images of conics under derivationO'Keefe, Christine M.; Pascasio, A. A.
2005The index of projective families of elliptic operatorsVarghese, M.; Melrose, R.; Singer, I.
2009The index of projective families of elliptic operators: the decomposable caseVarghese, M.; Melrose, R.; Singer, I.