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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The k-Extensions of some New Mahonian StatisticsClarke, Robert John; Steingrimsson, Einar; Zeng, Jiang
2006K-theoryVarghese, M.
1999K-theory of twisted group C*-algebras and positive scalar curvatureVarghese, M.
2006Kato's inequality and asymptotic spectral properties for discrete magnetic LaplaciansDodziuk, J.; Varghese, M.
2006Kato’s inequality for magnetic Laplacians on graphsVarghese, M.; Dodziuk, J.; AMS special session, the ubiquitous heat kernel, October 2-4, Boulder, Colorado (02 Apr 2003 : Boulder, Colorado, USA)
1995Key distribution patterns using Minkowski planesO'Keefe, Christine M.
2004Kirillov theory for a class of discrete nilpotent groupsTandra, H.; Moran, William
1995A Kirillov theory for divisible nilpotent groupsCarey, Alan L.; Moran, William; Pearce, Charles E. M.
2002The Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equationsBouwknegt, Peter G.
1997L2 invariants of covering spacesVarghese, M.
2005L2 torsion without the determinant class condition and extended L2 cohomologyBraverman, M.; Carey, A.; Farber, M.; Varghese, M.
2000Laplace transform of K-semigroups and well-posedness of Cauchy problemsMelnikova, I.; Anufrieva, U.; Filinkov, A.
1997A local asymptotic analysis of the discrete first Painleve equation as the discrete independent variable approaches infinityJoshi, N.
1997Local constraints on Einstein-Weyl geometriesEastwood, Michael George; Tod, K. P.
2000Local Constraints on Einstein-Weyl geometries: The 3-dimensional caseEastwood, Michael George; Tod, K. P.
2002Loop groups and quantum fieldsCarey, Alan L.; Langmann, E.
1999Loop Groups, Anyons and the Calogero-Sutherland ModelCarey, Alan L.; Langmann, E.
2000m-systems of polar spaces and maximal arcs in projective planesHamilton, Nicholas; Quinn, Catherine T.
1999Magnetic monopoles, electric neutrality and the static Maxwell-Dirac equationsRadford, Chris; Booth, Hilary
1999Mappings preserving locations of movable poles: a new extension of the truncation method to ordinary differential equationsGordoa, P. R.; Joshi, N.; Pickering, A.