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1997On a conjecture of Crittenden and vanden Eynden concerning coverings by arithmetic progressionsSimpson, R. J.
2001On a generalized 2 + 1 dispersive water wave hierarchyGordoa, P. R.; Joshi, N.; Pickering, A.
2000On a Schwarzian PDE associated with the KdV hierarchyNijhoff, F.; Hone, A. N. W.; Joshi, N.
1999On Affine Normal Forms and a Classification of Homogenous Surfaces in Affine Three-SpaceEastwood, Michael George; Ezhov, Vladimir V.
2001On Boutroux's tritronquée solutions of the first Painlevé equationJoshi, N.; Kitaev, A. V.
1998On Buekenhout-Metz unitalsCasse, L. R. A. (Rey); Lundardon, G.
1999On compact Kähler surfacesBuchdahl, N.
1999On Deriving UnitalsBlokhuis, Aart; O'Keefe, Christine M.
2001On positivity of the Kadison constant and noncommutative Bloch theoryVarghese, M.; Pacific Rim Geometry Conference (5th : 2000 : Sendai, Japan)
2000On the complete integrability of the discrete Nahm equationsMurray, M.; Singer, M.
2001On the continuum limit of fermionic topological charge in lattice gauge theoryAdams, David Henry
2000On the discrete and continuous Miura chain associated with the sixth Painlev equationNijhoff, F.; Joshi, N.; Hone, A. N. W.
1997On the existence of topological ovals in flat projective planesPolster, Burkard Michael; Rosehr, N.; Steinke, G. F.
1998On the homotopy invariance of L2 torsion for covering spacesVarghese, M.; Rothenberg, M.
2003On the instanton complex of holomorphic Morse theoryWu, S.
1995On the Krieger-Araki Woods ratio setBrown, Gavin; Dooley, A. H.; Lake, J.
1995On the maximal circumradius of a planar convex set containing one lattice point.Awyong, Poh-Wah; Scott, P. R.
1998On the resolvability of Hall triple systemsCasse, L. R. A. (Rey); Oxenham, M. G.
1997On the size of a smallest defining set of PG(2,q)Gray, B. D.; Hamilton, Nicholas; O'Keefe, Christine M.
2000On unbounded p-summable Fredholm modulesCarey, Alan L.; Phillips, John; Sukochev, Fyodor