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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Partial flocks of Quadratic Cones with a Point Vertex in PG(n,q), n OddO'Keefe, Christine M.; Thas, J.
1996Perfect secret sharing schemes on five participantsJackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
2001Permutations amongst the Dembowski-Ostrom polynomialsBlockhuis, A.; Coulter, R.; Henderson, M.; O'Keefe, C.; Finite Fields and Applications (02 Aug 1999 : Augsburg, Germany)
1996The piecewise projective group as group of projectivitiesPolster, Burkard Michael
1998Planar rectangle sets and Steiner symmetrizationScott, P. R.
1998Plane Models of Semi-biplanesPolster, Burkard Michael; Schroth, A. E.
1995Positivity of Cotes numbers at more Jacobi abscissasBrown, Gavin; Koumandos, S.; Wang, K-Y.
2004Preferred parameterisations on homogeneous curvesEastwood, Michael George; Slovak, J.
1998Pretty pictures of geometriesPolster, Burkard Michael
1998Principal bundles and the Dixmier Douady classCarey, A.; Crowley, D.; Murray, M.
2006Prolongations of geometric overdetermined systemsBranson, T.; Cap, A.; Eastwood, Michael George; Gover, A. Rod
2005Prolongations of linear overdetermined systems on affine and riemannian manifoldsEastwood, Michael George
2001A proof of Atiyah's conjecture on configurations of four points in Euclidean three-spaceEastwood, Michael George; Norbury, P. T.
2003Providing anonymity in unconditionally secure secret sharing schemesGuillermo, M.; Martin, K.; O'Keefe, C.
2000Quantum group actions on the Cuntz algebraCarey, Alan L.; Paolucci, A.; Zhang, R. B.
2006Quantum Hall effect and noncommutative geometryCarey, A.; Hannabuss, K.; Varghese, M.
1998Quantum Hall effect on the hyperbolic planeCarey, Alan L.; Hannabuss, Keith; Mathai, Varghese; McCann, P. J.
1999Quantum hall effect on the hyperbolic plane in the presence of disorderCarey, A.; Hannabuss, Keith; Mathai, Varghese
1995The quantum super-Yangian and Casimir operators of Uq (gl(M|N))Zhang, R. B.
1995Quantum supergroups and topological invariants of three-manifoldsZhang, R. B.