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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Radon and Fourier transforms for D-modulesD'Agnolo, A.; Eastwood, Michael George
1995Realising 3-cocycles as obstructionsCarey, Alan L.; Grundling, H.; Hurst, C. A.; Langmann, E.
2000Reciprocal link for 2 + 1-dimensional extensions of shallow water equationsHone, A. N. W.
1996Recycling circle planesPolster, Burkard Michael
2001Regularizing the KdV equation near a blow-up surfaceJoshi, N.
2000A remark of Schwarz's topological field theoryAdams, David Henry; Prodanov, E. M.
2000Remarks on a variable-coefficient sine-gordon equationHone, A. N. W.
1995Representations of super YangianZhang, R. B.
2005Representations via overdetermined systemsEastwood, Michael George
1996Research in the teaching and learning of stochasticsTruran, John Maxwell; Truran, K. M.
1996Review of Anselmi, D. and Fri, P., Gauged hyperinstantons and monopole equationsWang, Bai-Ling
1995Review of Arai, A., On self-adjointness of Dirac operators in boson-fermion Fock spacesCarey, Alan L.
1995Review of Bailey, T.M., Thomas's D-calculus, parabolic invariant theory, and conformal invariantsEastwood, Michael George
1995Review of Batten, L.M., Blocking sets in designsO'Keefe, Christine M.
1995Review of Belleni, M., A concise guide to semigroups and evolution equationsFilinkov, A.
1996Review of Blokuis, A., On the size of a blocking set in PG(2,p)O'Keefe, Christine M.
1996Review of Brouwer, A.E., Bruen, A.A. and Wehlau, D.L., There exist caps which block all spaces of fixed codimension in PG(n,2)O'Keefe, Christine M.
1995Review of Cameron, P.G. & Praeger, C.E., Block-transitive t-designs II: large tO'Keefe, Christine M.
1995Review of Cameron, P.J. & Praeger, C.E., Block-transitive t-designs I: point-imprimitive designsO'Keefe, Christine M.
1995Review of Cioranescu, I., A generation result for C-regularized semigroupsFilinkov, A.