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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Screen bundles of Lorentzian manifolds and some generalisations of pp-wavesLeistner, T.
1999The second cohomology of sl(m|1) with coefficients in its enveloping algebra is trivialScheunert, M.; Zhang, R. B.
1999The Second Painlevé Equation in the Large-Parameter Limit I: Local Asymptotic AnalysisJoshi, N.
2002Seiberg-Witten and Casson-Walker invariants for rational homology 3-spheresMarcolli, M.; Wang, Bai-Ling
1997Seiberg-Witten monopoles in three dimensionsCarey, Alan L.; McCarthy, Jim; Wang, Bai-Ling; Zhang, R. B.
2003Seiberg-Witten-Floer homology and gluing formulaeCarey, Alan L.; Wang, Bai
1998Semi-Biplanes and Antiregular Generalized QuadranglesPolster, Burkard Michael; Schroth, A.
2002Semiclassical asymptotics and gaps in the spectra of magnetic Schrödinger operatorsVarghese, M.; Shubin, M.
1997Semiholonomic Verma ModulesEastwood, Michael George; Slovak, J.
1998Semipartial geometries and generalized quadranges of order r,r 2Brown, Matthew Ross
1998Separating sets in interpolation and geometryPolster, Burkard Michael
1999Sequences of stable bundles over compact complex surfacesBuchdahl, N.
1995A short proof of a result of Foata and ZeilbergerClarke, Robert John
1998Singular loci in holomorphic familiesHarris, A. G.
2002Size of broadcast in threshold schemes with disenrollmentBarwick, S.; Jackson, W.; Martin, K.; Wild, P.
2005Smoothly parameterized Cech cohomology of complex manifoldsBailey, Toby N.; Eastwood, Michael George; Gindikin, Simon G.
2001Some constructions of small generalized polygonsPolster, Burkard Michael; Van Maldeghem, Hendrik
1999Some Involutive Structures in Analysis and GeometryEastwood, Michael George
2006Some Penrose transforms in complex differential geometryAnco, Stephen; Bland, John; Eastwood, Michael George
2001Some remarks on non-Abelian sheaf cohomologyEastwood, Michael George