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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Unbounded Fredholm modules and spectral flowCarey, Alan L.; Phillips, John
2003A unified construction of finite geometries associated with q-clans in characteristic 2Cherowittzo, W.; O'Keefe, L.; Penttila, T.
1998A uniformity criterion for vector bundles on complex projective spacesHarris, A. G.
1997Unitals and Inversive PlanesBarwick, S.; O'Keefe, C.
1997Unitals in the Hall PlaneBarwick, S.
2000Unitals which meet Baer subplanes in 1 modulo q pointsBarwick, S.; O'Keefe, C.; Storme, L.
2002The universal gerbe, Dixmier-Douady class, and gauge theoryCarey, Alan L.; Mickelsson, Jouko
2005Updating the parameters of a threshold scheme by minimal broadcastBarwick, S.; Jackson, W.A.; Martin, K.
1999Variations on the de Rham ComplexEastwood, Michael George
1997Vector coherant state realization of representations of the affine Lie algebra sl(2).Zhang, R. B.
1998Von Neumann algebra invariants of Dirac operatorsVarghese, M.
1998Von Neumann spectra near the spectral gapCarey, Alan L.; Coulhon, Thierry; Mathai, Varghese; Phillips, John
2000Weak and generalized solutions to abstract stochastic equationsMelnikova, I.; Filinkov, A.
2002Weak UCP and perturbed monopole equationsBooss-Bavnbek, Bernhelm; Marcolli, Marcolli; Wang, Bai-Ling
1999Well-posedness of differential-operator problems, II: the Cauchy problem for complete second-order equations in Banach spacesFilinkov, A.; Melnikova, I.
1996Width-diameter relations for planar convex sets with lattice point constraintsAwyong, Poh-Wah; Scott, P. R.
1999YEA WHY TRY HER RAW WET HAT: a tour of the smallest projective planePolster, Burkard Michael
2001Yet another construction of the central extension of the loop groupMurray, M.; Stevenson, D.; National Research Symposium on Geometric Analysis & Applications (26 Jun 2000 : AUSTRALIA)
1997Zero-energy fields on real projective spaceBailey, Toby N.; Eastwood, Michael George