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2010Quantification of Cretaceous-Cenozoic exhumation in the Otway Basin using sonic velocities and implications for hydrocarbon explorationTassone, D.; Holford, S.; Hillis, R.; International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition (21st : 2010 : Sydney, Australia)
2009Present-day stress and neotectonics of Brunei: Implications for petroleum exploration and productionTingay, M.; Hillis, R.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Swarbrick, R.; Damit, A.
2001Coupled changes in pore pressure and stress in oil fields and sedimentary basinsHillis, R.
2005A systematic fault seal evaluation of the Ladbroke Grove and Pyrus Traps of the Penola Trough, Otway BasinLyon, P.; Boult, P.; Watson, M.; Hillis, R.
2010Structural style of the White Pointer and Hammerhead delta - deepwater fold-thrust belts, Bight Basin, AustraliaMacDonald, J.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Backe, G.
2010Present-day stress field of Southeast AsiaTingay, M.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Coblentz, D.; Hall, R.
2008Modelling petroleum generation, migration and accumulation in the dentral Bass Basin, Tasmania, AustraliaArian, N.; Tingate, P.; Hillis, R.; Blevin, J.; Bradshaw, B.; Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium (3rd : 2008 : Sydney, Australia)
2004New perspectives on the structural evolution of the Bass Basin: implications for petroleum prospectivityCummings, A.; Hillis, R.; Tingate, P.; Boult, P.; Johns, D.; Lang, S.; Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium (2nd : 2004 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2008Present-day stresses, seismicity and Neogene-to-Recent tectonics of Australia's 'passive' margins: intraplate deformation controlled by plate boundary forcesHillis, R.; Sandiford, M.; Reynolds, S.; Quigley, M.
2010Impacts of neogene-recent compressional deformation and uplift on hydrocarbon prospectivity of the passive southern Australian marginHolford, S.; Hillis, R.; Duddy, I.; Green, P.; Tuitt, A.; Stoker, M.