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Type: Book chapter
Title: Structural control and genesis of barite veins in the Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia
Author: Both, R.
Mendis, D.
Foden, J.
James, P.
Citation: Mineral deposits : from their origin to their environmental impacts. Proceedings of the Third Biennial SGA Meeting, 28-31 August, 1995, 1995 / pp.333-336
Publisher: A.A. Balkema
Issue Date: 1995
ISBN: 905410550x
Abstract: Barite veins hosted by Neoproterozoic sedimentary rocks have widespread distribution in the Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia. The largest deposit is the vein system of the Oraparinna Mine in the Central Flinders Ranges, where the major structures, including fractures occupied by the barite veins, can be explained by a N-S dextral shear couple. Vein formation apparently took place during a basin-wide hydrothermal event approximately 590Ma ago, and barite deposition resulted from mixing of a basinal fluid with formation water and/or seawater.
RMID: 0030002057
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