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Type: Journal article
Title: Aquaporin-1 expression in visceral smooth muscle cells of female rat reproductive tract
Author: Gannon, B. J.
Warnes, Graham Malcolm
Carati, C. J.
Verco, Christopher J.
Citation: Journal of Smooth Muscle Research, 2000; 36(5):155-167
Publisher: Journal of Smooth Muscle Research
Issue Date: 2000
ISSN: 0916-8737
School/Discipline: School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Abstract: The aquaporins (AQ-s) are a group of intrinsic membrane proteins which facilitate movement of water across cell membranes ; their recent identification in the kidney has led to the reappraisal of the mechanisms and pathways of water movement across epithelia. Aquaporin-1, (CHIP-28) is reported distributed in cardiac myocytes and vascular smooth muscle cells of large arteries. A related protein, AQ-4, has been identified in the sarcolemma of skeletal muscle fibres. We report aquaporin expression in the cell membrane of smooth muscle cells of the rat genital tract ; fluorescence immunohistochemistry of rat uterine (fallopian) tube and vagina demonstrated AQ-1 in visceral smooth muscle of these tissues. In the uterine tube, AQ-1 labelling is most pronounced in the innermost longitudinal and the inner cells of the circular muscle layer and is absent from the outer longitudinal muscle layer of the myosalpinx. The possibility of a specific role for AQ-1 in tubal transport by altering the tubal luminal diameter during the estrus cycle is suggested.
Keywords: Aquaporin-1; Water channels; Smooth muscle; Female reproductive tract
Rights: © 2000 by Japan Society of Smooth Muscle Research
RMID: 0001003002
DOI: 10.1540/jsmr.36.155
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