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2018Developing community based models of Corporate Social ResponsibilityFordham, A.; Robinson, G.; Van Leeuwen, J.
2018Experiential learning to increase palliative care competence among the Indigenous workforce: an Australian experienceShahid, S.; Ekberg, S.; Holloway, M.; Jacka, C.; Yates, P.; Garvey, G.; Thompson, S.
2016The moving city as palimpsestWyld, F.
2016An international overview of the initiatives to accommodate Indigenous prisonersGrant, E.
2016Conveying sacred knowledge through contemporary architectural design: the Garma Cultural Knowledge CentreGrant, E.; 6th Asia Pacific International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies (AicE-Bs 2015) (31 Aug 2015 - 05 Sep 2015 : Barcelona, Spain)
2015Ian S. McIntosh. Aboriginal Reconciliation and the Dreaming: Warramiri Yolngu and the Quest for Equality. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2000Hutchings, S.J.
2015Introduction: Indigenous knowledges impacting the environmentHutchings, S.J.
2015Earth song as storywork : reclaiming Indigenous knowledgesWyld, F.; Fredericks, B.
2015Conveying sacred knowledge through contemporary architectural design: the Garma Cultural Knowledge CentreGrant, E.; Asia Pacific International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies (AicE-Bs2015) (30 Aug 2015 - 04 Sep 2015 : Barcelona, Spain)
2014Significant tree legislation in South Australia: reflecting Aboriginal and colonial relationships to the environmentHutchings, S.
2014Indigenous at the heart: research in a Climate Change ProjectArbon, V.; Rigney, L.-.I.
2013Combining Indigenous and maritime archaeological approaches: experiences and insights from the '(Re)locating Narrunga Project', Yorke Peninsula, South AustraliaRoberts, A.; McKinnon, J.; O'Loughlin, C.; Wanganeed, K.; Rigney, L.; Fowler, M.
2013More important than guns or grog: The role of television for the health and wellbeing of Australian Aboriginal prisonersGrant, E.; Jewkes, Y.
2012Design issues for prisoner health: thermal conditions in Australian custodial environmentsGrant, E.; Hansen, A.; Williamson, T.
2012Celebrating and sustaining Indigenous knowledges through researchRobertson, B.; Anning, B.; Arbon, V.M.; Thomas, G.
2012Irrititja - the past: Antikirrinya history from Ingomar Station and beyondBrown, I.; Naessan, P.
2011Epilogue: Can the Settler State Settle with Whom it Colonises? Reasons for Hope and Priorities for ActionRigney, L.
2011Indigenous education and tomorrow's classroom: three questions, three answersRigney, L.
2011Action for Aboriginal Social InclusionRigney, L.
2011From Nagle to now: developments in Australian prison architectureGrant, E.; Annual Conference of Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (Victoria, Australia)