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2001Extracellular secretion of Aspergillus phytase from Arabidopsis roots enables plants to obtain phosphorus from phytateRichardson, A.; Hadobas, P.; Hayes, J.
2008Oryza Tag Line, a phenotypic mutant database for the Génoplante rice insertion line libraryLarmande, P.; Gay, C.; Lorieux, M.; Perin, C.; Bouniol, M.; Droc, G.; Sallaud, C.; Perez, P.; Barnola, I.; Biderre-Petit, C.; Martin, J.; Benoit Morel, J.; Johnson, A.; Bourgis, F.; Ghesquiere, A.; Ruiz, M.; Courtois, B.; Guiderdoni, E.
2003Al-induced efflux of organic acid anions is poorly associated with internal organic acid metabolism in triticale rootsHayes, J.; Ma, J.
2001Utilization of phosphorus by pasture plants supplied with myo-inositol hexaphosphate is enhanced by the presence of soil micro-organismsRichardson, A.; Hadobas, P.; Hayes, J.; O'Hara, C.; Simpson, R.
2004Genomics approaches to identify meiotic genes in wheatSutton, T.; Whitford, R.; Baumann, U.; Able, J.; Lazo, G.; Langridge, P.; Plant & Animal Genomes Conference (12th : 2004 : San Diego, Calif.)
2001Induction of late maturity α-amylase in wheat by cool temperatureMrva, K.; Mares, D.
2001Resistance gene analogs in barley and their relationships to rust resistance genes.Collins, N.; Park, R.; Spielmeyer, W.; Pryor, A.; Ellis, J.
2007Identification of transposons, retroelements, and a gene family predominantly expressed in floral tissues in chromosome 3DS of the hexaploid wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschiiWhitford, R.; Baumann, U.; Sutton, T.; Gumaelius, L.; Wolters, P.; Tingey, S.; Able, J.; Langridge, P.
2004Boron tolerance in barley is mediated by efflux of boron from the rootsHayes, J.; Reid, R.
2006Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheatCrismani, W.; Baumann, U.; Sutton, T.; Shirley, N.; Webster, T.; Spangenberg, G.; Langridge, P.; Able, J.