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Type: Book (edited)
Title: Litigation : past and present / W. Prest and S.R. Anleu (eds.)
Publisher: University of New South Wales Press Limited
Publisher Place: Sydney
Issue Date: 2004
ISBN: 0868405507
Editor: Prest, W.
Roach Anleu, S.
Abstract: Litigation does not have a good press - in fact, it is usually viewed very negatively. Rates of litigation in Western countries are claimed to be spiralling beyond control, and this is said to indicate a fundamental crisis in contemporary Western societies. "Litigation: Past and Present" sheds some much-needed light on these views, by examining actual patterns of litigation, both historical and contemporary, and considering the many ways in which courts provide strategies for social change and social justice. Topics surveyed include the long-range recording of litigation rates, the social uses of legal action, the effectiveness of procedural reforms in reducing litigation, and the impact of legal proceedings and activism on Indigenous rights, and on marriage and family issues. Litigation and its impact are too often discussed in excessively rhetorical and pragmatic terms. This volume, with contributions from internationally recognised scholars, adds much needed empirical research and theoretical perspectives to the discussion.
RMID: RQF0000163
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