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2004High-resolution genetic mapping of the leaf stripe resistance gene Rdg2a in barleyBulgarelli, D.; Collins, N.; Tacconi, G.; Kleinhofs, A.; Stanca, A.; Vale, G.; Dellaglio, E.; Brueggeman, R.
2007Identification of transposons, retroelements, and a gene family predominantly expressed in floral tissues in chromosome 3DS of the hexaploid wheat progenitor Aegilops tauschiiWhitford, R.; Baumann, U.; Sutton, T.; Gumaelius, L.; Wolters, P.; Tingey, S.; Able, J.; Langridge, P.
2013The impact of biochar application on soil properties and plant growth of pot grown lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and cabbage (Brassica chinensis)Carter, S.; Shackley, S.; Sohi, S.; Suy, T.; Haefele, S.
2013Impact of rice nursery nutrient management, seeding density and seedling age on yield and yield attributesAdhikari, B.B.; Mehera, B.; Haefele, S.M.
2013Improving crop nitrogen use in dryland farming: interactions and potential trade-offs between water- and nutrient-use efficiencyGarnett, T.; Rebetzke, G.
2001Induction of late maturity α-amylase in wheat by cool temperatureMrva, K.; Mares, D.
2004Inflorescence and bunch architecture development in Vitis vinifera L.Shavrukov, Y.; Dry, I.; Thomas, M.
2005Insertional Mutagenesis: lessons from Arabidopsis, gaining experience in riceGuiderdoni, Emmanuel; Piffanelli, Pietro; Sallaud, Christophe; Bourgeois, Emmanuelle; Johnson, Alexander Arthur Theodore
2003Integration of transgenes into sexual polyploidization schemes for potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)Johnson, A.; Veilleux, R.
2006Interspecific hybrid, Zea mays L. x Tripsacum dactyloides L., a new fodder crop with large silage biomass production under abiotic stressesShavrukov, Y.; Sokolov, V.; Langridge, P.; Tester, M.; Australian Agronomy Conference (13th : 2006 : Perth, Western Australia)
2003Kinetics of ammonium and nitrate uptake by eucalypt roots and associated proton fluxes measured using ion selective microelectrodes.Garnett, T.; Shabala, S.; Smethurst, P.; Newman, I.
2011Metrics on multilabeled trees: interrelationships and diameter boundsHuber, K.; Spillner, A.; Suchecki, R.; Moulton, V.
2006Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheatCrismani, W.; Baumann, U.; Sutton, T.; Shirley, N.; Webster, T.; Spangenberg, G.; Langridge, P.; Able, J.
2008Nitrogen use efficiency in selected rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes under different water regimes and nitrogen levelsHaefele, S.; Jabbar, S.; Siopongco, J.; Tirol-Padre, A.; Amarante, S.; Sta Cruz, P.; Cosico, W.
2005Novel insights into the genomics of rice root adaptive developmentPerin, C.; Rebouillat, J.; Brasileiro, A. M. C.; Dievart, A.; Gantet, P.; Breitler, J. C.; Johnson, Alexander Arthur Theodore; Courtois, B.; Ahmadi, N.; de Raissac, M.; Luquet, D.; Conte, M.; This, D.; Pati, Purendra K.; Le, Q. H.; Meynard, D.; Verdeil, J. L.; Guiderdoni, E.; International Rice Genetics Symposium (5th : 19-23 November 2005 : Los Baños, Philippines)
2005Nutritional and chlorophyll fluorescence responses of lucerne (Medicago sativa) to waterlogging and subsequent recoverySmethurst, C.; Garnett, T.
2013Optimization of TaDREB3 gene expression in transgenic barley using cold-inducible promotersKovalchuk, N.; Jia, W.; Aini, O.; Morran, S.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Fletcher, S.; Bazanova, N.; Harris, J.; Beck-Oldach, K.; Shavrukov, Y.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2008Oryza Tag Line, a phenotypic mutant database for the Génoplante rice insertion line libraryLarmande, P.; Gay, C.; Lorieux, M.; Perin, C.; Bouniol, M.; Droc, G.; Sallaud, C.; Perez, P.; Barnola, I.; Biderre-Petit, C.; Martin, J.; Benoit Morel, J.; Johnson, A.; Bourgis, F.; Ghesquiere, A.; Ruiz, M.; Courtois, B.; Guiderdoni, E.
2010PCIT: an R package for weighted gene co-expression networks based on partial correlation and information theory approachesWatson-Haigh, N.; Kadarmideen, H.; Reverter, A.
2005“PLANT GROWTH REGULATION - 3,4-disubstituted maleimideals as phytoregulators”Bastiaans, H.; Donn, G.; Knittel, N.; Martelletti, A.; Rees, R.; Schwall, M.; Whitford, R.