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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The pedagogical benefits of stepping outside the perspective paradigm: challenging the ubiquity of western visual culture.Wyeld, Theodor G.; International Conference on Educational Technology in Cultural Context. (July 2005, Taiwan)
2006Training teachers to integrate multimedia in language teaching: Can task-based learning help?Cheung, M.; Asian EFL Journal Conference (2006 : Busan, South Korea)
2005Playing Through: the Future of Alternative and Critical Game ProjectsCrogan, Patrick
2007Online social software: Policy and regulation in a converged mediumHumphreys, S.; Communications Policy & Research Forum (2007 : University of Technology, Sydney)
2005Wikis in teaching and assessment: the M/Cyclopedia projectBruns, A.; Humphreys, S.; International Symposium on Wikis (2005 : San Diego, California)
2008A 'Nihilistic dreamboat to negation'? The critical marginalisation of heavy / extreme metalPhillipov, Michelle; IASPM Australia / New Zealand Conference (2007 : Otago, NZ)
2006Multimedia Integration in Language Education (MILE): Effective pedagogies and insights from a teacher-training programme in Hong KongCheung, M.; CELEA Annual Conference (2006 : Guangzhou, China)
2001An analysis on language in business letters writing: Reflection on course development of business communicationCheung, M.; International Language in Education Conference (2001 : Hong Kong)
2002Cultured borders, bordering cultures: lesbian/gay culture, the Australian multiculturalism paradigm and 'the nations'Cover, R.
2004Interactivity: Reconceiving the audience in the struggle for textual 'control' of narrative and distributionCover, R.