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2006The Three-dimentionalisation of Giotto's 13th-century Assisi Fresco: Exorcism of the Demons at ArezzoWyeld, Theodor G.; Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing. Conference (2006 : Sorbonne, Paris)
2007The ethics of Indigenous storytelling: using the torque game engine to support Australian Aboriginal cultural heritageWyeld, Theodor G.; Leavy, Brett A.; Hills, James; Ledwich, Brendan; Gibbons, Craig; Carroll, Joti; Digital Games Research Association. Conference (2007 : Tokyo, Japan); DiGRA
2006Virtually collaborating across cultures: A case study of an online theatrical performance in a 3DCVE spanning three continentsWyeld, Theodor G.; Prasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Teng-Wen Chang; International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (6th : 2006 : Kerkrade, Netherlands)
2006Creating an authentic aural experience in the digital songlines game engine : part of a contextualised cultural heritage knowledge toolkitGibbons, Craig; Wyeld, Theodor G.; Leavy, Brett A.; Hills, James; International Conference, Virtual Systems and MultiMedia (12th : 2006 : Xi’an, China)
2006Digital songlines: digitising the arts, culture and heritage landscape of Aboriginal AustraliaLeavy, Brett A.; Hills, James; Barker, Christopher I.; Gard, Stephan; Wyeld, Theodor G.; New Heritage: Beyond Verisimilitude. Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Media (2006 : Hong Kong)
2006The 3DCVE as a cross-cultural classroomPrasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Wyeld, Theodor G.; Chang, T.-W.; Game/Set/Match. Conference (2006 : Delft, Berlageweg, Holland)
2006Database and narratological representation of Australian Aboriginal knowledge as information visualisation using a game enginePumpa, Malcolm; Wyeld, Theodor G.; International Conference on Information Visualization (10th : 2006 : London, England); IV'06
2005Role play in 3D virtual environments: a pedagogic case studyWyeld, Theodor G.; Computer-Human Interaction. Conference (2005 : Auckland, NZ)
2003An object server system for 3D digital design collaborationWyeld, Theodor G.; International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures (10th : 2003 : Tainan)
2006Online 3D CVE performance of T.S. Elliot's cocktail party: An example of virtual stagePrasolova-Forland, Ekaterina; Wyeld, Theodor G.; Web-Based Education. Conference (2006 : Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)