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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The metaphor of 'Bread is Life': A semiotic analysis of visual representation in creative advertisement designCheung, M.; Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (58th : 2008 : Montreal, Canada)
2004A rhetorical study of the titles of Cantonese pop songsCheung, M.
2001Linguistics and business communication texts: A register analysis of three letter types in relation to field, tenor and mode of discourseCheung, M.; Annual Research Forum of the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (2001 : Hong Kong)
2007Design and fabricate H-shaped dual-band bandpass filters on Al2O3 substrateYang, C.; Tzou, W.; Cheung, M.; Chou, D.; International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Mechatronics and Applications (2007 : Taiwan)
2004Learner-centered approaches to educational changeCheung, M.; International Conference on Making Educational Reform Happen (2004 : Bangkok, Thailand)
2006Discourse analysis of marketing communication: Implications for course developmentCheung, M.; TESOL Annual Convention (14th : 2006 : Iquitos, Peru)
2009Communicating through the visuals: An experimental study on creativity and advertising designCheung, M.; Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (59th : 2009 : Chicago, Illinois)
2006Training teachers to integrate multimedia in language teaching: Can task-based learning help?Cheung, M.; Asian EFL Journal Conference (2006 : Busan, South Korea)
2006Multimedia Integration in Language Education (MILE): Effective pedagogies and insights from a teacher-training programme in Hong KongCheung, M.; CELEA Annual Conference (2006 : Guangzhou, China)
2001An analysis on language in business letters writing: Reflection on course development of business communicationCheung, M.; International Language in Education Conference (2001 : Hong Kong)