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2017Brain responses to mechanical rectal stimuli in patients with faecal incontinence: an fMRI studyMirbagheri, N.; Hatton, S.; Ng, K.; Lagopoulos, J.; GLADMAN, M.
1992Improved animal production by genetic engineering of ruminal bacteriaBrooker, J.; Thomson, A.; Ward, H.
2010Five-year experience with congenital cardiac surgery at National University Heart Centre, SingaporeKang, G. S.; Soh, Y. F.; Kofidis, T.; Lee, C. N.
2005A further example of paired-teacher lecturing to link theory to practiceHudson, Nicky (Judith Nicoll)
2012Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine: consumer perspectives, lessons learned in Australia and beyondAnderson, C.; Ward, H.; Corkindale, D.; Ward, M.; Sorich, M.; McKinnon, R.
2012Preparing interprofessional clinical learning sites: what the literature tells usGum, L.; Richards, J.; Bradley, S.; Lindeman, I.; Ward, H.; Bennett, P.
2005Integrating gender and culture into medical curricula: putting principles into practiceLawless, A.; Tonkin, A.; Leaton, T.; Ozolins, I.
2013Clinical audit: recent practice in caring for patients with acute severe colitis compared with published guidelines - is there a problem?Lim, A.; Grafton, R.; Hetzel, D.; Andrews, J.
2006The effect of an interactive tutorial on the prescribing performance of senior medical studentsTonkin, A.; Taverner, D.; Latte, G.; Doecke, C.
2011Students generating questions for their own written examination: methodology development for PBL curriculaPapinczak, T.; Babri, A.; Peterson, R.; Kippers, V.; Wilkinson, D.