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2006Do Men Care About Their Health?Jamrozik, Konrad
2010Population-based observational study of claudication in older men: The health in men studyLakshmanan, Rahul; Hyde, Zoe; Jamrozik, Konrad; Hankey, Graeme J.; Norman, Paul E.
2010Adult height and cancer mortality in Asia: the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies CollaborationBatty, David G.; Barzi, Federica; Woodward, Mark; Jamrozik, Konrad; Woo, Jean; Kim, Hyeon Chang; Ueshima, Hirotsugu; Huxley, Rachel R.
2009Adult height and the risks of cardiovascular disease and major causes of death in the Asia-Pacific region: 21 000 deaths in 510 000 men and womenJamrozik, Konrad
2011Are the national guidelines for health behaviour appropriate for older Australians? Evidence from the Men, Women and Ageing ProjectMcLaughlin, Deirdre; Adams, Jonathan Miles; Almeida, Osvaldo P.; Brown, Wendy J.; Byles, Julie E.; Dobson, Annette J.; Flicker, Leon; Hankey, Graeme J.; Jamrozik, Konrad; McCaul, Kieran Anthony; Norman, Paul E.; Pachana, Nancy
2010Erectile dysfunction as a predictor for subsequent atherosclerotic cardiovascular events: Findings from a linked-data studyChew, Kew-Kim; Finn, Judith; Stuckey, Bronwyn G. A.; Gibson, Nicholas; Sanfilippo, F. M.; Bremner, Alexandra; Thompson, Peter; Hobbs, M.; Jamrozik, Konrad
2005Slaying myths about passive smoking - editorialJamrozik, Konrad
2001Why evidence-based medicine?Jamrozik, Konrad
2011ISSLS prize winner: Function After Spinal Treatment, Exercise, and Rehabilitation (FASTER): A factorial randomized trial to determine whether the functional outcome of spinal surgery can be improvedMcGregor, Alison H.; Dore, Caroline J.; Morris, Tim P.; Morris, Stephen; Jamrozik, Konrad
2001Monitoring the incidence of cardiovascular disease in AustraliaJamrozik, Konrad; Dobson, Annette J.; Hobbs, M.; McElduff, P.; Ring, I. T.; D'Este, K.; Crome, M.