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2016The extended Infant Feeding, Activity and Nutrition Trial (InFANT Extend) Program: a cluster-randomized controlled trial of an early intervention to prevent childhood obesity Energy balance-related behaviorsCampbell, K.; Hesketh, K.; McNaughton, S.; Ball, K.; McCallum, Z.; Lynch, J.; Crawford, D.
2012Dietary patterns of infants and toddlers are associated with nutrient intakesSmithers, L.; Golley, R.; Brazionis, L.; Emmett, P.; Northstone, K.; Lynch, J.
2014The effect of mandatory seat belt laws on seat belt use by socioeconomic positionHarper, S.; Strumpf, E.; Burris, S.; Smith, G.; Lynch, J.
2006The relation between socioeconomic and demographic factors and tumour stage in women diagnosed with breast cancer in Denmark, 1983-1999Dalton, S.; During, M.; Ross, L.; Carlsen, K.; Mortensen, P.; Lynch, J.; Johansen, C.
2011Prenatal prediction of poor maternal and offspring outcomes: implications for selection into intensive parent support programsChittleborough, C.; Lawlor, D.; Lynch, J.
2011Relation of Socioeconomic Position with Ankle-Brachial IndexAgha, G.; Murabito, J.; Lynch, J.; Abrahamowicz, M.; Harper, S.; Loucks, E.
2011The beneficial effects of preschool attendance on adult cardiovascular disease riskD'Onise, K.; Lynch, J.; McDermott, R.; Esterman, A.
2006Contribution of main causes of death to social inequalities in mortality in the whole population of Scania, SwedenRosvall, M.; Chaix, B.; Lynch, J.; Lindstrom, M.; Merlo, J.
2007Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in adult health behaviors among U.S. states, 1990-2004Harper, S.; Lynch, J.
2008Explaining age-specific inequalities in mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease and ischaemic heart disease among South Korean male public servants: relative and absolute perspectivesKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Jung-Choi, K.; Cho, H.