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2014A systematic review of surgical biopsy for LCIS found at core needle biopsy - Do we have the answer yet?Buckley, E.; Webster, F.; Hiller, J.; Roder, D.; Farshid, G.
2014Influence of mammographic screening on breast cancer incidence trends in South AustraliaBeckmann, K.; Roder, D.; Hiller, J.; Farshid, G.; Lynch, J.
2013Impact of hormone replacement therapy use on mammographic screening outcomesBeckmann, K.; Farshid, G.; Roder, D.; Hiller, J.; Lynch, J.
2010Exploring contrary trends in bladder cancer incidence, mortality and survival: implications for research and cancer controlLuke, C.; Tracey, E.; Stapleton, A.; Roder, D.
2015Estimates of over-diagnosis of breast cancer due to population-based mammography screening in South Australia after adjustment for lead time effectsBeckmann, K.; Duffy, S.; Lynch, J.; Hiller, J.; Farshid, G.; Roder, D.
2010Cancer Epidemiology in the Pacific Islands - Past, Present and FutureMoore, M.; Baumann, F.; Foliaki, S.; Goodman, M.; Haddock, R.; Maraka, R.; Koroivueta, J.; Roder, D.; Vinit, T.; Whippy, H.; Sobue, T.
2009Reasons for improved survival from ovarian cancer in New South Wales, Australia, between 1980 and 2003: Implications for cancer controlTracey, E.; Roder, D.; Francis, J.; Zorbas, H.; Hacker, N.; Bishop, J.
2008Exploring the epidemiological characteristics of cancers of unknown primary site in an Australian population: implications for research and clinical careLuke, C.; Koczwara, B.; Karapetis, C.; Pittman, K.; Price, T.; Kotasek, D.; Beckmann, K.; Brown, M.; Roder, D.
2017Does exclusion of cancers registered only from death-certificate information diminish socio-demographic disparities in recorded survival?Tervonen, H.; Roder, D.; Morrell, S.; You, H.; Currow, D.
2010Variation in the management of early breast cancer in rural and metropolitan centres: Implications for the organisation of rural cancer servicesCraft, P.; Buckingham, J.; Dahlstrom, J.; Beckmann, K.; Zhang, Y.; Stuart-Harris, R.; Roder, D.; Jacob, G.; Tait, N.