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2018Engagement of Canadian patients with rare diseases and their families in the lifecycle of therapy: a qualitative studyYoung, A.; Menon, D.; Street, J.; Al-Hertani, W.; Stafinski, T.
2018Supporting youth wellbeing with a focus on eating well and being active: views from an Aboriginal community deliberative forumStreet, J.; Cox, H.; Lopes, E.; Motlik, J.; Hanson, L.
2015Regulatory approaches to obesity prevention: a systematic overview of current laws addressing diet-related risk factors in the European Union and the United StatesSisnowski, J.; Handsley, E.; Street, J.
2010Including the public in pandemic planning: a deliberative approachBraunack-Mayer, A.; Street, J.; Rogers, W.; Givney, R.; Moss, J.; Hiller, J.
2007Comparing cancer profiles and survival of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients in South Australia: Where are the opportunities for improving Aboriginal healthCottrell, J.; Street, J.; Chong, A.; Roder, D.
2008Making research relevant: grant assessment processes in indigenous researchStreet, J.; Baum, F.; Anderson, I.; Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health
2008New Technologies: Ethics of GenomicsStreet, J.
2016Approaches to academic integrity in medical and health researchBraunack-Mayer, A.; Street, J.
2014The experience of melanoma follow-up care: an online survey of patients in AustraliaMitchell, J.; Callaghan, P.; Street, J.; Neuhaus, S.; Bessen, T.
2016Targeting population nutrition through municipal health and food policy: implications of New York City's experiences in regulatory obesity preventionSisnowski, J.; Street, J.; Braunack-Mayer, A.