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2015The influence of age and sex on genetic associations with adult body size and shape: a large-scale genome-wide interaction studyWinkler, T.; Justice, A.; Graff, M.; Barata, L.; Feitosa, M.; Chu, S.; Czajkowski, J.; Esko, T.; Fall, T.; Kilpeläinen, T.; Lu, Y.; Mägi, R.; Mihailov, E.; Pers, T.; Rüeger, S.; Teumer, A.; Ehret, G.; Ferreira, T.; Heard-Costa, N.; Karjalainen, J.; et al.
2012Characteristics of a widespread community cluster of H275Y oseltamivir-resistant a(H1N1)pdm09 influenza in AustraliaHurt, A.; Hardie, K.; Wilson, N.; Deng, Y.; Osbourn, M.; Leang, S.; Lee, R.; Iannello, P.; Gehrig, N.; Shaw, R.; Wark, P.; Caldwell, N.; Givney, R.; Xue, L.; Maurer-Stroh, S.; Dwyer, D.; Wang, B.; Smith, D.; Levy, A.; Booy, R.; et al.
2018Contributions of mean and shape of blood pressure distribution to worldwide trends and variations in raised blood pressure: A pooled analysis of 1018 population-based measurement studies with 88.6 million participantsEzzati, M.; Zhou, B.; Bentham, J.; Di Cesare, M.; Bixby, H.; Danaei, G.; Hajifathalian, K.; Taddei, C.; Carrillo-Larco, R.; Djalalinia, S.; Khatibzadeh, S.; Lugero, C.; Peykari, N.; Zhang, W.; Bennett, J.; Bilano, V.; Stevens, G.; Cowan, M.; Riley, L.; Chen, Z.; et al.
2016Worldwide trends in diabetes since 1980: a pooled analysis of 751 population-based studies with 4.4 million participantsZhou, B.; Lu, Y.; Hajifathalian, K.; Bentham, J.; Di Cesare, M.; Danaei, G.; Bixby, H.; Cowan, M.; Ali, M.; Taddei, C.; Lo, W.; Reis-Santos, B.; Stevens, G.; Riley, L.; Miranda, J.; Bjerregaard, P.; Rivera, J.; Fouad, H.; Ma, G.; Mbanya, J.; et al.
2003A critical appraisal of current knowledge and future directions of ergophthalmology: consensus of the ICOH committee on 'Work and Vision'Piccoli, B.; Pisaniello, D.; Apostoli, P.; Baranano, R.; Bergamaschi, A.; Bergqvist, U.; Cassitto, M.; Facci, R.; Franzen, O.; Gambaro, S.; Gobel, M.; Halonen, L.; Kraus-Mackiw, E.; McMahon, T.; Noro, K.; Pastoni, F.; Peduzzi, R.; Perry, M.; Piraine, A.; Schaefer, T.; et al.
2004Body mass index and cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific Region: An overview of 33 cohorts involving 310 000 participantsNi Murchu, C.; Rodgers, A.; Pan, W.; Gu, D.; Woodward, M.; Parag, V.; Lin, R.; Bennett, D.; Vander Hoorn, S.; Barzi, F.; MacMahon, S.; Lam, T.; Lawes, C.; Sun, I.; Ueshima, H.; Okayama, A.; Maegawa, H.; Aoki, N.; Nakamura, M.; Kubo, N.; et al.
2016Burden of diarrhea in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 1990-2013: findings from the global burden of disease study 2013Khalil, I.; Colombara, D.; Forouzanfar, M.; Troeger, C.; Daoud, F.; Moradi-Lakeh, M.; El Bcheraoui, C.; Rao, P.; Afshin, A.; Charara, R.; Abate, K.; Abd El Razek, M.; Abd-Allah, F.; Abu-Elyazeed, R.; Kiadaliri, A.; Akanda, A.; Akseer, N.; Alam, K.; Alasfoor, D.; Ali, R.; et al.
2016Adult height, coronary heart disease and stroke: a multi-locus Mendelian randomization meta-analysisNüesch, E.; Dale, C.; Palmer, T.; White, J.; Keating, B.; van Iperen, E.; Goel, A.; Padmanabhan, S.; Asselbergs, F.; Verschuren, W.; Wijmenga, C.; Van der Schouw, Y.; Onland-Moret, N.; Lange, L.; Hovingh, G.; Sivapalaratnam, S.; Morris, R.; Whincup, P.; Wannamethe, G.; Gaunt, T.; et al.
2007VITATOPS, the VITAmins TO Prevent Stroke Trial: Rationale and design of a randomised trial of B-vitamin therapy in patients with recent transient ischaemic attack or stroke (NCT00097669) (ISRCTN74743444)Hankey, G.; Baker, R.; Eikelboom, J.; Gelavis, A.; Hickling, S.; Jamrozik, K.; van Bockxmeer, F.; Vasikaran, S.; Algra, A.; Chen, C.; Wong, M.; Cheung, R.; Wong, L.; Divjak, I.; Ferro, J.; de Freitas, G.; Gommans, J.; Groppa, S.; Hill, M.; Spence, D.; et al.
2005Prevalence awareness and treatment of hypercholesterolaemia in 32 populations: Results from the WHO MONICA projectTolonen, A.; Keil, U.; Ferrario, M.; Evans, A.; Hobbs, M.; Jamrozik, K.; Thompson, P.; Armstrong, B.; Dobson, A.; Leeder, S.; Alexander, H.; Heller, R.; De Backer, G.; Henauw, S.; De Bacquer, D.; De Craene, I.; Van Der Haegen, M.; De Maeyer, M.; Bellemans, M.; Kornitzer, M.; et al.