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2012Jurisdictional, socioeconomic and gender inequalities in child health and development: analysis of a national census of 5-year-olds in AustraliaBrinkman, S.; Gialamas, A.; Rahman, A.; Mittinty, N.; Gregory, T.; Silburn, S.; Goldfeld, S.; Zubrick, S.; Carr, V.; Janus, M.; Hertzman, C.; Lynch, J.
2013Diet quality of UK infants is associated with dietary, adiposity, cardiovascular, and cognitive outcomes measured at 7-8 years of ageGolley, R.; Smithers, L.; Mittinty, N.; Emmett, P.; Northstone, K.; Lynch, J.
2006Explaining the social gradient in coronary heart disease: comparing relative and absolute risk approachesLynch, J.; Davey-Smith, G.; Harper, S.; Bainbridge, K.
2011Social determinants and the decline of cardiovascular diseases: lJnderstanding the linksHarper, S.; Lynch, J.; Davey-Smith, G.
2007Socioeconomic disadvantage in childhood and across the life course and all-cause mortality and physical function in adulthood: evidence from the Alameda County StudyTurrell, G.; Lynch, J.; Leite, C.; Raghunathan, T.; Kaplan, G.
2005Race/ethnicity, life-course socioeconomic position, and body weight trajectories over 34 years: the Alameda County StudyBaltrus, P.; Lynch, J.; Everson-Rose, S.; Raghunathan, T.; Kaplan, G.
2005Comparison of a spatial perspective with the multilevel analytical approach in neighborhood studies: the case of mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use in Malmö, Sweden, 2001Chaix, B.; Merlo, J.; Subramanian, S.; Lynch, J.; Chauvin, P.
2007Trends in the black-white life expectancy gap in the United States, 1983-2003Harper, S.; Lynch, J.; Burris, S.; Davey-Smith, G.
2007Income inequality and mortality: a multilevel prospective study of 521 248 individuals in 50 US statesBacklund, E.; Rowe, G.; Lynch, J.; Wolfson, M.; Kaplan, G.; Sorlie, P.
2005Bullying and symptoms among school-aged children: international comparative cross sectional study in 28 countriesDue, P.; Holstein, B.; Lynch, J.; Diderichsen, F.; Nic Gabhain, S.; Scheidt, P.; Currie, C.