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2013Profiling bone and joint problems and health service use in an Australian regional population: The Port Lincoln Health StudyPham, C.; Gill, T.; Hoon, E.; Rahman, M.; Whitford, D.; Lynch, J.; Beilby, J.
2011Psychosocial problems in childhood and later alcohol consumption: a life course approach with historical informationLeino, J.; Kauhanen, L.; Hokkinen, L.; Kurl, S.; Toriola, A.; Voutilainen, S.; Lynch, J.; Kauhanen, J.
2013Changes in socioeconomic inequality in Indonesian children's cognitive function from 2000 to 2007: a decomposition analysisMaika, A.; Mittinty, N.; Brinkman, S.; Harper, S.; Satriawan, E.; Lynch, J.
2011Can attending preschool reduce the risk of tobacco smoking in adulthood? The effects of Kindergarten Union participation in South AustraliaD'Onise, K.; Lynch, J.; McDermott, R.
2014Influence of mammographic screening on breast cancer incidence trends in South AustraliaBeckmann, K.; Roder, D.; Hiller, J.; Farshid, G.; Lynch, J.
2013Do breast cancer risk factors differ among those who do and do not undertake mammography screening?Beckmann, K.; Roder, D.; Hiller, J.; Farshid, G.; Lynch, J.
2011The beneficial effects of preschool attendance on adult cardiovascular disease riskD'Onise, K.; Lynch, J.; McDermott, R.; Esterman, A.
2013Pre-pregnancy predictors of hypertension in pregnancy among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in north Queensland, Australia; a prospective cohort studyCampbell, S.; Lynch, J.; Esterman, A.; McDermott, R.
2011Emotional and behavioural problems in childhood and risk of overall and cause-specific morbidity and mortality in middle-aged Finnish menKauhanen, L.; Leino, J.; Lakka, H.; Lynch, J.; Kauhanen, J.
2012Does an early childhood intervention affect cardiometabolic risk in adulthood?: evidence from a longitudinal study of preschool attendance in South AustraliaD'Onise, K.; Lynch, J.; McDermott, R.