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2013Inequalities in non-communicable diseases and effective responsesDi Cesare, M.; Khang, Y.; Asaria, P.; Blakely, T.; Cowan, M.; Farzadfar, F.; Guerrero, R.; Ikeda, N.; Kyobutungi, C.; Msyamboza, K.; Oum, S.; Lynch, J.; Marmot, M.; Ezzati, M.
2010Life course socioeconomic position is associated with inflammatory markers: The Framingham Offspring StudyLoucks, E.; Pilote, L.; Lynch, J.; Richard, H.; Almeida, N.; Benjamin, E.; Murabito, J.
2009Life-course socioeconomic position and incidence of coronary heart disease: the Framingham Offspring StudyLoucks, E.; Lynch, J.; Polite, L.; Fuhrer, R.; Almeida, N.; Richard, H.; Agha, G.; Murabito, J.; Benjamin, E.
2011Young maternal age and poor child development: predictive validity from a birth cohortChittleborough, C.; Lawlor, D.; Lynch, J.
2009Global Variability in Fruit and Vegetable ConsumptionHall, J.; Moore, S.; Harper, S.; Lynch, J.
2005The health of poor women under welfare reformKaplan, G.; Siefert, K.; Ranjit, N.; Raghunathan, T.; Young, E.; Tran, D.; Danziger, S.; Hudson, S.; Lynch, J.; Tolman, R.
2005Impact of economic crisis on cause-specific mortality in South KoreaKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Kaplan, G.
2008Childhood Socioeconomic Position, Gender, Adult Body Mass Index, and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Over 34 Years in the Alameda County StudyMaty, S.; Lynch, J.; Raghunathan, T.; Kaplan, G.
2012Different outcomes for different health measures in immigrants: evidence from a longitudinal analysis of the National Population Health Survey (1994-2006)Singh Setia, M.; Quesnel-Vallee, A.; Abrahamowicz, M.; Tousignant, P.; Lynch, J.
2005Mediation and modification of the association between hopelessness, hostility and progression of carotid atherosclerosisPollitt, R.; Daniel, M.; Kaufman, J.; Lynch, J.; Salonen, J.; Kaplan, G.