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2016Novel application of a discrete choice experiment to identify preferences for a national healthcare-associated infection surveillance programme: a cross-sectional studyRusso, P.; Chen, G.; Cheng, A.; Richards, M.; Graves, N.; Ratcliffe, J.; Hall, L.
2015Family meetings for older adults in intermediate care settings: the impact of patient cognitive impairment and other characteristics on shared decision makingMilte, C.; Ratcliffe, J.; Davies, O.; Whitehead, C.; Masters, S.; Crotty, M.
2018Introducing consumer directed care in residential care settings for older people in Australia: Views of a citizens’ juryLaver, K.; Gnanamanickam, E.; Whitehead, C.; Kurrle, S.; Corlis, M.; Ratcliffe, J.; Shulver, W.; Crotty, M.
2014Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) changes in South Australia: comparison of burden of disease morbidity and survey-based health utility estimatesBanham, D.; Hawthorne, G.; Goldney, R.; Ratcliffe, J.
2013What factors influence older people in the decision to relinquish their driver's licence? A discrete choice experimentMcNamara, A.; Chen, G.; George, S.; Walker, R.; Ratcliffe, J.
2017Where's the evidence? A systematic review of economic analyses of residential aged care infrastructureEaston, T.; Milte, R.; Crotty, M.; Ratcliffe, J.
2014Engaging the public in healthcare decision-making: quantifying preferences for healthcare through citizens' juriesScuffham, P.; Ratcliffe, J.; Kendall, E.; Burton, P.; Wilson, A.; Chalkidou, K.; Littlejohns, P.; Whitty, J.
2014A health economic model for the development and evaluation of innovations in aged care: an application to consumer-directed care-study protocolRatcliffe, J.; Lancsar, E.; Luszcz, M.; Crotty, M.; Gray, L.; Paterson, J.; Cameron, I.
2012Coaching older adults and carers to have their preferences heard (COACH): a randomised controlled trial in an intermediate care setting (study protocol)Masters, S.; Gordon, J.; Whitehead, C.; Davies, O.; Giles, L.; Ratcliffe, J.
2019How do people with dementia and family carers value dementia-specific quality of life states? An explorative "Think Aloud" studyRatcliffe, J.; Hutchinson, C.; Milte, R.; Nguyen, K.-.H.; Welch, A.; Caporale, T.; Corlis, M.; Comans, T.