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2010Antipsychotics and the risk of death in the elderly: an instrumental variable analysis using two preference based instrumentsPratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Ryan, P.; Salter, A.
2011Risk of hospitalization for hip fracture and pneumonia associated with antipsychotic prescribing in the elderly: A self-controlled case-series analysis in an Australian health care claims databasePratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Salter, A.; Ryan, P.
2008NSAID use in individuals at risk of renal adverse events an observational study to investigate trends in Australian veteransRoughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Pratt, N.; Gilbert, A.
2019Using post-market utilisation analysis to support medicines pricing policy: an Australian case study of aflibercept and ranibizumab useKemp-Casey, A.; Pratt, N.; Ramsay, E.; Roughead, E.
2010Comorbid chronic diseases, discordant impact on mortality in older people: a 14-year longitudinal population studyCaughey, G.; Ramsay, E.; Vitry, A.; Gilbert, A.; Luszcz, M.; Ryan, P.; Roughead, E.
2010Factors associated with choice of antipsychotic treatment in elderly veterans: potential confounders for observational studiesPratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Salter, A.; Ryan, P.
2019Concomitant prescribing of opioids and benzodiazepines in Australia, 2012–2017Caughey, G.; Gadzhanova, S.; Shakib, S.; Roughead, E.
2009Increased patient co-payments and changes in PBS-subsidised prescription medicines dispensed in Western AustraliaHynd, A.; Roughead, E.; Preen, D.; Glover, J.; Bulsara, M.; Semmens, J.
2011Ageing well: Improving the management of patients with multiple chronic health problemsGilbert, A.; Caughey, G.; Vitry, A.; Clark, A.; Ryan, P.; McDermott, R.; Shakib, S.; Luszcz, M.; Esterman, A.; Roughead, E.
2011How much do we spend on prescription medicines? Out-of-pocket costs for patients in Australia and other OECD countriesKemp, A.; Preen, D.; Glover, J.; Semmens, J.; Roughead, E.