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1999Industry, air quality, cigarette smoke and rates of respiratory illness in Port AdelaidePilotto, L.; Smith, B.; Nitschke, M.; Ruffin, R.; Mitchell, R.
1996Diet, acetylator phenotype, and risk of colorectal neoplasiaRoberts-Thomson, I.; Ryan, P.; Khoo, K.; Hart, W.; McMichael, A.; Butler, R.
1999Respiratory health effects of nitrogen dioxide exposure and current guidelinesNitschke, M.; Smith, B.; Pilotto, L.; Pisaniello, D.; Abramson, M.; Ruffin, R.
1999Breastfeeding in public placesMcIntyre, E.; Turnbull, D.; Hiller, J.
1997Safer use of glutaraldehydePisaniello, D.; Gun, R.; Tkaczuk, M.; Nitshcke, M.; Crea, J.
1997Glutaraldehyde exposures and symptoms among endoscopy nurses in South AustraliaPisaniello, D.; Gun, R.; Tkaczuk, M.; Nitshcke, M.; Crea, J.
1999Determinants of infant feeding practices in a low socio-economic area: identifying environmental barriers to breastfeedingMcIntyre, E.; Hiller, J.; Turnbull, D.
1996Initial trends in quality of life and survival in CAL patients on domiciliary oxygen therapyCrockett, A.; Cranston, J.; Moss, J.; Alpers, J.
1999Is an ultrasound assessment of gestational age at the first antenatal visit of value? a randomised clinical trialCrowther, C.; Kornman, L.; O'Callaghan, S.; George, K.; Furness, M.; Willson, K.
1998Satisfaction with midwife-managed care in different time periods: a randomised controlled trial of 1299 womenShields, N.; Turnbull, D.; Reid, M.; Holmes, A.; McGinley, M.; Smith, L.