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2011Calibrating models in economic evaluation: A comparison of alternative measures of goodness of fit, parameter search strategies and convergence criteriaKarnon, J.; Vanni, T.
2017A cost-effectiveness model for frail older persons: development and application to a physiotherapy-based interventionKarnon, J.; Afzali, H.; Putro, G.; Thant, P.; Dompok, A.; Cox, I.; Chikhwaza, O.; Wang, X.; Mwangangi, M.; Farransahat, M.; Cameron, I.
2017Screening for important unwarranted variation in clinical practice: a triple-test of processes of care, costs and patient outcomesPartington, A.; Chew, D.; Ben-Tovim, D.; Horsfall, M.; Hakendorf, P.; Karnon, J.
2018The never ending road: improving, adapting and refining a needs-based model to estimate future general practitioner requirements in two Australian statesLaurence, C.; Heywood, T.; Bell, J.; Atkinson, K.; Karnon, J.
2010A systematic review of economic analyses of telehealth services using real time video communicationWade, V.; Karnon, J.; Elshaug, A.; Hiller, J.
2010A cost-utility analysis of clopidogrel in patients with ST elevation acute coronary syndromes in the UKKarnon, J.; Holmes, M.; Williams, R.; Bakhai, A.; Brennan, A.
2011Calibrating models in economic evaluation: A seven-step approachVanni, T.; Karnon, J.; Madan, J.; White, R.; Edmunds, W.; Foss, A.; Legood, R.
2016Variation in Clinical Practice: A Priority Setting Approach to the Staged Funding of Quality ImprovementKarnon, J.; Partington, A.; Horsfall, M.; Chew, D.
2015Process mining for clinical processes: a comparative analysis of four Australian hospitalsPartington, A.; Wynn, M.; Suriadi, S.; Ouyang, C.; Karnon, J.
2010Effectiveness of earlier antenatal screening for sickle cell disease and thalassaemia in primary care: cluster randomised trialDormandy, E.; Gulliford, M.; Bryan, S.; Roberts, T.; Calnan, M.; Atkin, K.; Karnon, J.; Logan, J.; Kavalier, F.; Harris, H.; Johnston, T.; Anionwu, E.; Tsianakas, V.; Jones, P.; Marteau, T.