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2010A qualitative study of sustainability and vulnerability in Australian telehealth servicesWade, V.; Eliott, J.; Karnon, J.; Elshaug, A.; Global Telehealth (2010 : Fremantle, Perth, WA)
2013Accounting for costs, qalys, and capacity constraints: using discrete-event simulation to evaluate alternative service delivery and organizational scenarios for hospital-based glaucoma servicesCrane, G.; Kymes, S.; Hiller, J.; Casson, R.; Adam, M.; Karnon, J.
2010Cost-effectiveness of screening high-risk HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) and HIV-positive women for anal cancerCzoski-Murray, C.; Karnon, J.; Jones, R.; Smith, K.; Kinghorn, G.
2012Lifetime cost-utility analyses of deferasirox in beta-thalassaemia patients with chronic iron overload: A UK perspectiveKarnon, J.; Tolley, K.; Vieira, J.; Chandiwana, D.
2010The value of value of information: best informing research design and prioritization using current methodsEckermann, S.; Karnon, J.; Willan, A.
2016Stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of an electronic medication management system to reduce medication errors, adverse drug events and average length of stay at two paediatric hospitals: a study protocolWestbrook, J.; Li, L.; Raban, M.; Baysari, M.; Mumford, V.; Prgomet, M.; Georgiou, A.; Kim, T.; Lake, R.; McCullagh, C.; Dalla-Pozza, L.; Karnon, J.; O'Brien, T.; Ambler, G.; Day, R.; Cowell, C.; Gazarian, M.; Worthington, R.; Lehmann, C.; White, L.; et al.
2012Cost-effectiveness of lapatinib plus capecitabine in women with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer who have received prior therapy with trastuzumabDelea, T.; Tappenden, P.; Sofrygin, O.; Karnon, J.; Browning, D.; Amonkar, M.; Walker, M.; Cameron, D.
2011Cost-benefit analysis of endocrine therapy in the adjuvant setting for postmenopausal patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, based on survival data and future prices for generic drugs in the context of the German health care systemLux, M.; Reichelt, C.; Karnon, J.; Tanzer, T.; Radosavac, D.; Fasching, P.; Beckmann, M.; Thiel, F.
2013A risk adjusted cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative models of nurse involvement in obesity management in primary careKarnon, J.; Hajiali Afzali, H.; Gray, J.; Holton, C.; Banham, D.; Beilby, J.
2015Better informing decision making with multiple outcomes cost-effectiveness analysis under uncertainty in cost-disutility spaceMcCaffrey, N.; Agar, M.; Harlum, J.; Karnon, J.; Currow, D.; Eckermann, S.