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2015Exploring structural uncertainty in model-based economic evaluationsHaji Ali Afzali, H.; Karnon, J.
2016A comparison of propensity score-based approaches to health service evaluation: a case study of a preoperative physician-led clinic for high-risk surgical patientsPham, C.; Gibb, C.; Mittinty, M.; Fitridge, R.; Marshall, V.; Karnon, J.
2015Cost-value analysis and the SAVE: a work in progress, but an option for localised decision making?Karnon, J.; Partington, A.
2017What will make a difference? Assessing the impact of policy and non-policy scenarios on estimations of the future GP workforceLaurence, C.; Karnon, J.
2018Measuring the financial and productivity burden of paediatric hospitalisation on the wider family networkMumford, V.; Baysari, M.T.; Kalinin, D.; Raban, M.Z.; McCullagh, C.; Karnon, J.; Westbrook, J.I.
2018Cost-effectiveness modelling of IVF in couples with unexplained infertilityPham, C.; Karnon, J.; Norman, R.; Mol, B.
2012Monitoring progress in the management of hip fractures in South Australia, AustraliaGordon, J.; Pham, C.; Karnon, J.; Crotty, M.
2012Applying risk adjusted cost-effectiveness (RAC-E) analysis to hospitals: estimating the costs and consequences of variation in clinical practiceKarnon, J.; Caffrey, O.; Pham, C.; Grieve, R.; Ben-Tovim, D.; Hakendorf, P.; Crotty, M.
2015Informing disinvestment with limited evidence: cobalamin deficiency in the fatiguedMnatzaganian, G.; Karnon, J.; Moss, J.; Elshaug, A.; Metz, M.; Frank, O.; Hiller, J.
2013A model-based economic evaluation of improved primary care management of patients with type 2 diabetes in AustraliaHajiali Afzali, H.; Gray, J.; Beilby, J.; Holton, C.; Karnon, J.