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2012Breast screening and breast cancer survival in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of AustraliaRoder, D.; Webster, F.; Zorbas, H.; Sinclair, S.; Aitken, J.; Culjak, G.; Elston, J.; Epping, Y.; Farrugia, H.; Grayson, N.; Guthridge, S.; Halliday, L.; Muller, J.; Pridmore, V.; Threlfall, T.; Tyzack, C.; Venn, A.; Ward, G.; Williamson, L.; Wylie, L.
2010Exploring differences in survival from cancer among indigenous and non-indigenous Australians: Implications for health service delivery and researchChong, A.; Roder, D.
2014Cancer survival for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a national study of survival rates and excess mortalityCondon, J.; Zhang, X.; Baade, P.; Griffiths, K.; Cunningham, J.; Roder, D.; Coory, M.; Jelfs, P.; Threlfall, T.
2011Estimating cancer incidence in Indigenous AustraliansZhang, X.; Condon, J.; Rumbold, A.; Cunningham, J.; Roder, D.
2017Time to clinical investigation for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queensland women after a high grade abnormal Pap smear, 2000-2009Whop, L.; Baade, P.; Brotherton, J.; Canfell, K.; Cunningham, J.; Gertig, D.; Lokuge, K.; Garvey, G.; Moore, S.; Diaz, A.; O'Connell, D.; Valery, P.; Roder, D.; Condon, J.
2016Cervical abnormalities are more common among Indigenous than other Australian women: a retrospective record-linkage study, 2000-2011Whop, L.; Baade, P.; Garvey, G.; Cunningham, J.; Brotherton, J.; Lokuge, K.; Valery, P.; O'Connell, D.; Canfell, K.; Diaz, A.; Roder, D.; Gertig, D.; Moore, S.; Condon, J.
2016The first comprehensive report on Indigenous Australian women's inequalities in cervical screening: a retrospective registry cohort study in Queensland, Australia (2000-2011)Whop, L.; Garvey, G.; Baade, P.; Cunningham, J.; Lokuge, K.; Brotherton, J.; Valery, P.; O'Connell, D.; Canfell, K.; Diaz, A.; Roder, D.; Gertig, D.; Moore, S.; Condon, J.
2017Variations in outcomes for Indigenous women with breast cancer in Australia: a systematic reviewDasgupta, P.; Baade, P.; Youlden, D.; Garvey, G.; Aitken, J.; Wallington, I.; Chynoweth, J.; Zorbas, H.; Roder, D.; Youl, P.
2014Colorectal cancer screening and subsequent incidence of colorectal cancer: results from the 45 and Up StudySteffen, A.; Weber, M.; Roder, D.; Banks, E.
2013Risk factors for poorer breast cancer outcomes in residents of remote areas of AustraliaRoder, D.; Zorbas, H.; Kollias, J.; Pyke, C.; Walters, D.; Campbell, I.; Taylor, C.; Webster, F.