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2013Factors predictive of treatment by Australian breast surgeons of invasive female breast cancer by mastectomy rather than breast conserving surgeryRoder, D.; Zorbas, H.; Kollias, J.; Pyke, C.; Walters, D.; Campbell, I.; Taylor, C.; Webster, F.
2019Aboriginal women have a higher risk of cervical abnormalities at screening; South Australia, 1993-2016Li, M.; Roder, D.; Whop, L.; Diaz, A.; Baade, P.; Brotherton, J.; Canfell, K.; Cunningham, J.; Garvey, G.; Moore, S.; O'Connell, D.; Valery, P.; Condon, J.
2012Mammography screening and breast cancer mortality in Australia: an aggregate cohort studyMorrell, S.; Taylor, R.; Roder, D.; Dobson, A.
2014Treatment patterns among colorectal cancer patients in South Australia: a demonstration of the utility of population-based data linkageBeckmann, K.; Bennett, A.; Young, G.; Roder, D.
2014Realising opportunities for evidence-based cancer service delivery and research: linking cancer registry and administrative data in AustraliaRoder, D.; Fong, K.; Brown, M.; Zalcberg, J.; Wainwright, C.
2017Cancer epidemiology in the small nations of Pacific IslandsTervonen, H.; Foliaki, S.; Bray, F.; Roder, D.
2014Influence of service characteristics on high priority performance indicators and standards in the BreastScreen Australia programRoder, D.; Ward, G.; Farshid, G.; Gill, P.
2015Estimates of over-diagnosis of breast cancer due to population-based mammography screening in South Australia after adjustment for lead time effectsBeckmann, K.; Duffy, S.; Lynch, J.; Hiller, J.; Farshid, G.; Roder, D.
2019Disparities in breast screening, stage at diagnosis, cancer treatment and the subsequent risk of cancer death: a retrospective, matched cohort of aboriginal and non-aboriginal women with breast cancerBanham, D.; Roder, D.; Keefe, D.; Farshid, G.; Eckert, M.; Howard, N.; Canuto, K.; Brown, A.
2016The utility of linked cancer registry and health administration data for describing system-wide outcomes and research: a BreastScreen exampleBuckley, E.; Sullivan, T.; Farshid, G.; Hiller, J.; Roder, D.