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2014Alcohol use disorders and associated factors among people living with HIV who are attending services in south west EthiopiaSoboka, M.; Tesfaye, M.; Feyissa, G.; Hanlon, C.
2019Child outcomes after placement of a cervical pessary in women with a multiple pregnancy: a 4-year follow-up of the ProTWIN trialSimons, N.E.; van de Beek, C.; van der Lee, J.H.; Opmeer, B.C.; van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, A.G.; van Baar, A.L.; Steenis, L.; Liem, S.; Schuit, E.; Bekedam, D.; Mol, B.W.; Van't Hooft, J.
2019How do people with dementia and family carers value dementia-specific quality of life states? An explorative "Think Aloud" studyRatcliffe, J.; Hutchinson, C.; Milte, R.; Nguyen, K.-.H.; Welch, A.; Caporale, T.; Corlis, M.; Comans, T.
2019"Some sort of fantasy land": a qualitative investigation of appropriate prescribing in cancer careGhinea, N.; Wiersma, M.; Kerridge, I.; Olver, I.; Pearson, S.; Day, R.; Liauw, W.; Lipworth, W.
2019Clusters of health behaviours in Queensland adults are associated with different socio-demographic characteristicsHobbs, M.; Duncan, M.; Collins, P.; Mckenna, J.; Schoeppe, S.; Rebar, A.; Alley, S.; Short, C.; Vandelanotte, C.
2019A review of the development and application of generic preference-based instruments with the older populationCleland, J.; Hutchinson, C.; Khadka, J.; Milte, R.; Ratcliffe, J.
2011Major bleeding risk associated with warfarin and co-medications in the elderly populationVitry, A.; Roughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Preiss, A.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.; Caughey, G.; Shakib, S.; Esterman, A.; Zhang, Y.; McDermott, R.
2013Does antidepressant medication use affect persistence with diabetes medicines?Caughey, G.; Preiss, A.; Vitry, A.; Gilbert, A.; Ryan, P.; Shakib, S.; Esterman, A.; McDermott, R.; Roughead, E.
2010Influence of comorbidities on therapeutic progression of diabetes treatment in Australian veterans: a cohort studyVitry, A.; Roughead, E.; Preiss, A.; Ryan, P.; Ramsay, E.; Gilbert, A.; Caughey, G.; Shakib, S.; Esterman, A.; Zhang, Y.; McDermott, R.
2019Comparative effectiveness and safety of low-strength and high-strength direct oral anticoagulants compared with warfarin: a sequential cohort studyPratt, N.; Ramsay, E.; Kalisch Ellett, L.; Duszynski, K.; Shakib, S.; Kerr, M.; Caughey, G.; Roughead, E.