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2017New evidence for endemic circulation of Ross River virus in the Pacific Islands and the potential for emergenceLau, C.; Aubry, M.; Musso, D.; Teissier, A.; Paulous, S.; Despr├Ęs, P.; de-Lamballerie, X.; Pastorino, B.; Cao-Lormeau, V.; Weinstein, P.
2012Multivariate multilevel spline models for parallel growth processes: application to weight and mean arterial pressure in pregnancyMacdonald-Wallis, C.; Lawlor, D.; Palmer, T.; Tilling, K.
2012Using FDA reports to inform a classification for health information technology safety problemsMagrabi, F.; Ong, M.; Runciman, W.; Coiera, E.
2015The impact of expanding access to early childhood services in rural Indonesia: evidence from two cohorts of childrenBrinkman, S.; Hasan, A.; Jung, H.; Kinnell, A.; Pradhan, M.; The World Bank
2015Comparison of five indices for prediction of adverse outcomes in hospitalised Mexican older adults: a cohort studyDent, E.; Perez-Zepeda, M.
2014A qualitative exploration of cyber-bystanders and moral engagementPrice, D.; Green, D.; Spears, B.; Scrimgeour, M.; Barnes, A.; Geer, R.; Johnson, B.
2015Anti-racism and pre-service teacher education: advocating for intersectional privilege studiesScrimgeour, M.; Ovsienko, H.
2016What keeps you strong? A systematic review identifying how primary health-care and aged-care services can support the well-being of older Indigenous peoplesDavy, C.; Kite, E.; Aitken, G.; Dodd, G.; Rigney, J.; Hayes, J.; Van Emden, J.
2017The sexual adjustment process of cancer patients and their partners: a qualitative evidence synthesisBenoot, C.; Saelaert, M.; Hannes, K.; Bilsen, J.
2016Maningrida and cyclone MonicaHanson-Easey, S.; Hansen, A.; National Climate Change Research Facility