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2022Dual-active-ingredient, insecticidal nets for preventing malaria: a systematic review protocolBarker, T.; Stone, J.; Hasanoff, S.; Stevenson, J.; Price, C.; Kabaghe, A.; Munn, Z.
2023Complex intervention to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake in school settings: A cluster-randomized trialDavies, C.; Marshall, H.S.; Brotherton, J.M.L.; McCaffery, K.; Kang, M.; Macartney, K.; Garland, S.; Kaldor, J.; Zimet, G.; Skinner, S.R.; Study Group
2023Projecting the future: modelling Australian dialysis prevalence 2021–30Keuskamp, D.; Davies, C.E.; Irish, G.L.; Jesudason, S.; McDonald, S.P.
2023The ‘hot zone policy’ for colorectal cancer screening presents unique risks and opportunities for rural AustraliaWorthington, J.; Lew, J.B.; He, E.; Broun, K.; D'Onise, K.; Grogan, P.; Canfell, K.; Feletto, E.
2023Patient navigation across the cancer care continuum: An overview of systematic reviews and emerging literatureChan, R.J.; Milch, V.E.; Crawford-Williams, F.; Agbejule, O.A.; Joseph, R.; Johal, J.; Dick, N.; Wallen, M.P.; Ratcliffe, J.; Agarwal, A.; Nekhlyudov, L.; Tieu, M.; Al-Momani, M.; Turnbull, S.; Sathiaraj, R.; Keefe, D.; Hart, N.H.
2023Prevalence and risk factors associated with under-five mortality in the Solomon Islands: an investigation from the 2015 Solomon Islands demographic and health survey dataKaforau, L.S.; Tessema, G.A.; Jancey, J.; Bugoro, H.; Pereira, G.
2022Outdoor ambient temperatures and occupational injuries and illnesses: are there risk differences in various regions within a city?Fatima, S.H.; Rothmore, P.; Giles, L.C.; Bi, P.
2023Identifying women who may benefit from higher dose omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy to reduce their risk of prematurity: exploratory analyses from the ORIP trial.Yelland, L.N.; Sullivan, T.R.; Gibson, R.A.; Simmonds, L.A.; Thakkar, S.K.; Huang, F.; Devaraj, S.; Best, K.P.; Zolezzi, I.S.; Makrides, M.
2020School Breakfast Club Programs in Australian Primary Schools, Not Just Addressing Food Insecurity: A Qualitative StudyJose, K.; MacDonald, F.; Vandenberg, M.; Williams, J.; Abbott-Chapman, J.; Venn, A.; Smith, K.J.
2023Estimating the burden of disease attributable to high ambient temperature across climate zones: methodological framework with a case studyLiu, J.; Hansen, A.; Varghese, B.M.; Dear, K.; Tong, M.; Prescott, V.; Dolar, V.; Gourley, M.; Driscoll, T.; Zhang, Y.; Morgan, G.; Capon, A.; Bi, P.