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2011A self-controlled case series to assess the effectiveness of beta blockers for heart failure in reducing hospitalisations in the elderlyRamsay, E.; Roughead, E.; Ewald, B.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.
1999Role of medical history in brain tumor development. Results fromthe international adult brain tumour studySchlehofer, B.; Blettner, M.; Preston-Martin, S.; Niehoff, D.; Wahrendorf, J.; Arslan, A.; Ahlbom, A.; Choi, W.; Giles, G.; Howe, G.; Little, J.; Menegoz, F.; Ryan, P.
2018Engagement of Canadian patients with rare diseases and their families in the lifecycle of therapy: a qualitative studyYoung, A.; Menon, D.; Street, J.; Al-Hertani, W.; Stafinski, T.
2013Rose Angina questionnaire: Validation with cardiologists' diagnoses to detect coronary heart disease in BangladeshRahman, M.; Spurrier, N.; Mahmood, M.; Rahman, M.; Choudhury, S.; Leeder, S.
2018Predicting EuroQoL 5 dimensions 5 levels (EQ-5D-5L) utilities from Older People’s Quality of Life brief questionnaire (OPQoL-brief) scoresKaambwa, B.; Ratcliffe, J.
2013Does antidepressant medication use affect persistence with diabetes medicines?Caughey, G.; Preiss, A.; Vitry, A.; Gilbert, A.; Ryan, P.; Shakib, S.; Esterman, A.; McDermott, R.; Roughead, E.
2010Differential impact of NSAIDs on rate of adverse events that require hospitalization in high-risk and general veteran populations: A retrospective cohort studyPratt, N.; Roughead, E.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
2012A physiotherapy service to an emergency extended care unit does not decrease admission rates to hospital: a randomised trialJesudason, C.; Stiller, K.; McInnes, M.; Sullivan, T.
2012Chronic disease management: Does the disease affect likelihood of care planning?Vitry, A.; Roughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Ryan, P.; Caughey, G.; Esterman, A.; Shakib, S.; Gilbert, A.; McDermott, R.
2013Proton pump inhibitors and the risk of pneumonia: A comparison of cohort and self-controlled case series designsRamsay, E.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.; Roughead, E.