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2007Comparing cancer profiles and survival of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients in South Australia: Where are the opportunities for improving Aboriginal healthCottrell, J.; Street, J.; Chong, A.; Roder, D.
2020Global burden of 369 diseases and injuries in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019GBD 2019 Diseases and Injuries Collaborators; Baune, B.; Bhandari, D.; Ciobanu, L.; Lalloo, R.; Lassi, Z.; Noubiap Nzeale, J.
2020Screening for and managing the Person with Frailty in Primary Care: ICFSR Consensus GuidelinesRuiz, J.G.; Dent, E.; Morley, J.E.; Merchant, R.A.; Beilby, J.; Beard, J.; Tripathy, C.; Sorin, M.; Andrieu, S.; Aprahamian, I.; Arai, H.; Aubertin-Leheudre, M.; Bauer, J.M.; Cesari, M.; Chen, L.K.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.J.; De Souto Barreto, P.; Dong, B.; Ferrucci, L.; Fielding, R.; et al.
2020Causes of blindness and vision impairment in 2020 and trends over 30 years, and prevalence of avoidable blindness in relation to VISION 2020: the Right to Sight: an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease StudyBourne, R.R.A.; Briant, P.S.; Flaxman, S.R.; Taylor, H.R.B.; Jonas, J.B.; Abdoli, A.A.; Abrha, W.A.; Abualhasan, A.; Abu-Gharbieh, E.G.; Adal, T.G.; Afshin, A.; Ahmadieh, H.; Alemayehu, W.; Alemzadeh, S.A.S.; Alfaar, A.S.; Alipour, V.; Androudi, S.; Arabloo, J.; Arditi, A.B.; Aregawi, B.B.; et al.
2009Trends in Area-Socioeconomic and Race-Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer Incidence, Stage at Diagnosis, Screening, Mortality, and Survival among Women Ages 50 Years and Over (1987-2005)Harper, S.; Lynch, J.; Meersman, S.; Breen, N.; Davis, W.; Reichman, M.
2007Trends in the black-white life expectancy gap in the United States, 1983-2003Harper, S.; Lynch, J.; Burris, S.; Davey-Smith, G.
2007Central corneal thickness among Aboriginal people attending eye clinics in remote South AustraliaDurkin, S.; Tan, E.; Casson, R.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Newland, H.
2012Risk factors for dialysis withdrawal: An analysis of the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant (ANZDATA) Registry, 1999-2008Chan, H.; Clayton, P.; McDonald, S.; Agar, J.; Jose, M.
2009Monitoring inequities in self-rated health over the life course in population surveillance systemsChittleborough, C.; Taylor, A.; Baum, F.; Hiller, J.
2019Physical Frailty: ICFSR International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Identification and ManagementDent, E.; Morley, J.E.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.J.; Woodhouse, L.; Rodríguez-Mañas, L.; Fried, L.P.; Woo, J.; Aprahamian, I.; Sanford, A.; Lundy, J.; Landi, F.; Beilby, J.; Martin, F.C.; Bauer, J.M.; Ferrucci, L.; Merchant, R.A.; Dong, B.; Arai, H.; Hoogendijk, E.O.; Won, C.W.; et al.