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2023Complex intervention to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake in school settings: A cluster-randomized trialDavies, C.; Marshall, H.S.; Brotherton, J.M.L.; McCaffery, K.; Kang, M.; Macartney, K.; Garland, S.; Kaldor, J.; Zimet, G.; Skinner, S.R.; Study Group
2016Role of genetic susceptibility variants in predicting clinical course in multiple sclerosis: A cohort studyPan, G.; Simpson, S.; van der Mei, I.; Charlesworth, J.C.; Lucas, R.; Ponsonby, A.L.; Zhou, Y.; Wu, F.; Taylor, B.V.; Dear, K.; Dwyer, T.; Blizzard, L.; Broadley, S.; Kilpatrick, T.; Williams, D.; Lechner-Scott, J.; Shaw, C.; Chapman, C.; Coulthard, A.; Valery, P.
2023Identifying women who may benefit from higher dose omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy to reduce their risk of prematurity: exploratory analyses from the ORIP trial.Yelland, L.N.; Sullivan, T.R.; Gibson, R.A.; Simmonds, L.A.; Thakkar, S.K.; Huang, F.; Devaraj, S.; Best, K.P.; Zolezzi, I.S.; Makrides, M.
2021Prenatal Nutritional Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Preterm BirthBest, K.; Gomersall, J.; Makrides, M.
2023Prenatal iodine supplementation and early childhood neurodevelopment: the PoppiE trial - study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trialBest, K.P.; Gould, J.F.; Makrides, M.; Sullivan, T.; Cheong, J.; Zhou, S.J.; Kane, S.; Safa, H.; Sparks, A.; Doyle, L.W.; McPhee, A.J.; Nippita, T.A.C.; Afzali, H.H.A.; Grivell, R.; Mackerras, D.; Knight, E.; Wood, S.; Green, T.
2023Randomised controlled trials of behavioural nudges delivered through text messages to increase influenza and COVID-19 vaccines among pregnant women (the EPIC study): study protocolAndraweera, P.H.; Wang, B.; Danchin, M.; Blyth, C.; Vlaev, I.; Ong, J.; Dodd, J.; Couper, J.; Sullivan, T.R.; Karnon, J.; Spurrier, N.; Cusack, M.; Mordaunt, D.; Simatos, D.; Dekker, G.; Carlson, S.; Tuckerman, J.; Wood, N.; Whop, L.; Marshall, H.S.
2022Testing the Impact of Familiarity with Health Benefits Information on Dietary Supplement Choice in Pregnancy: An Online Choice ExperimentMalek, L.; Umberger, W.J.; Zhou, S.-J.; Huynh, E.; Makrides, M.
2006How valid are self-reported height and weight? A comparison between CATI self-report and clinic measurements using a large cohort studyTaylor, A.; DalGrande, E.; Gill, T.; Chittleborough, C.; Wilson, D.; Adams, R.; Grant, J.; Phillips, P.; Appleton, S.; Ruffin, R.