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2010Antenatal screening for haemoglobinopathies in primary care: a cohort study and cluster randomised trial to inform a simulation model. The Screening for Haemoglobinopathies in First Trimester (SHIFT) trialDormandy, E.; Bryan, S.; Gulliford, M.; Roberts, T.; Ades, A.; Calnan, M.; Atkin, K.; Karnon, J.; Barton, P.; Logan, J.; Kavalier, F.; Harris, H.; Johnston, T.; Anionwu, E.; Davis, V.; Brown, K.; Juarez-Garcia, A.; Tsianakas, V.; Marteau, T.
2012Model parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis: a report of the ISPOR-SMDM Modeling Good Research Practices Task Force Working Group-6Briggs, A.; Weinstein, M.; Fenwick, E.; Karnon, J.; Sculpher, M.; Paltiel, A.
2012Model parameter estimation and uncertainty: A report of the ISPOR-SMDM modeling good research practices task force-6Briggs, A.; Weinstein, M.; Fenwick, E.; Karnon, J.; Sculpher, M.; Paltiel, A.
2009Model-based cost-effectiveness analysis of interventions aimed at preventing medication error at hospital admission (medicines reconciliation)Karnon, J.; Campbell, F.; Czoski-Murray, C.
2009Trends in healthcare incident reporting and relationship to safety and quality data in acute hospitals: results from the National Reporting and Learning SystemHutchinson, A.; Young, T.; Cooper, K.; McIntosh, J.; Karnon, J.; Scobie, S.; Thomson, R.
2009Cost-effectiveness analysis of adjuvant therapy for operable breast cancer from a Chinese perspective: Doxorubicin plus Cyclophosphamide versus Docetaxel plus CyclophosphamideLiubao, P.; Xiaomin, W.; Chongqing, T.; Karnon, J.; Gannong, C.; Jianhe, L.; Wei, C.; Xia, L.; Junhua, C.
2018Estimating the reference incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for the Australian health systemEdney, L.; Haji Ali Afzali, H.; Cheng, T.; Karnon, J.
2014Managing high-risk surgical patients: modifiable co-morbidities matterPham, C.; Gibb, C.; Field, J.; Gray, J.; Fitridge, R.; Marshall, V.; Karnon, J.
2012Home videophones improve direct observation in Tuberculosis treatment: a mixed methods evaluationWade, V.; Karnon, J.; Eliott, J.; Hiller, J.
2012Modeling using discrete event simulation: a report of the ISPOR-SMDM modeling good research practices task force-4Karnon, J.; Stahl, J.; Brennan, A.; Caro, J.; Mar, J.; Moller, J.