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Public Health publications
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2010Comorbid chronic diseases, discordant impact on mortality in older people: a 14-year longitudinal population studyCaughey, G.; Ramsay, E.; Vitry, A.; Gilbert, A.; Luszcz, M.; Ryan, P.; Roughead, E.
2007A survey of the OHS experiences and perceptions of Australian university studentsAumann, H.; Pisaniello, D.; Lee, S.; Sibly, J.
2007A review and critique of modelling in prioritising and designing screening programmesKarnon, J.; Goyder, E.; Tappenden, P.; McPhie, S.; Towers, I.; Brazier, J.; Madan, J.
2017Integrated care: enhancing the role of the primary health care professional in preventing functional decline: a systematic reviewMorley, J.; Arai, H.; Cao, L.; Dong, B.; Merchant, R.; Vellas, B.; Visvanathan, R.; Woo, J.
2017Experiences and expectations of return-to-work programs for nurses and midwives who have acquired a musculoskeletal disorder in the workplace: a qualitative systemic review protocolWeckert, C.; Stern, C.; Porritt, K.
2017Experiences of parents and carers in managing asthma in children: a qualitative systematic review protocolFawcett, R.; Porritt, K.; Campbell, J.; Carson, K.
2008The conundrum of medically unexplained symptoms: Questions to considerMcFarlane, A.; Ellis, N.; Barton, C.; Browne, D.; Van Hooff, M.
2018Developing a comorbidity index for comparing cancer outcomes in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal AustraliansPule, L.; Buckley, E.; Niyonsenga, T.; Banham, D.; Roder, D.
2019Cost savings with a novel algorithm for early detection of systemic sclerosis-related pulmonary arterial hypertension: alternative scenario analysesQuinlivan, A.; Proudman, S.; Sahhar, J.; Stevens, W.; Nikpour, M.; Major, G.; Ngian, G.; Roddy, J.; Strickland, G.; Walker, J.; Youseff, P.