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2007Surface contamination from cytotoxic chemotherapy following preparation and administrationLee, S.; Tkaczuk, M.; Jankewicz, G.; Ambados, F.
2017The longitudinal relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and perceived social support in survivors of traumatic injuryNickerson, A.; Creamer, M.; Forbes, D.; McFarlane, A.; O'Donnell, M.; Silove, D.; Steel, Z.; Felmingham, K.; Hadzi-Paolvic, D.; Bryant, R.
2015Clinical safety of England's national programme for IT: a retrospective analysis of all reported safety events 2005 to 2011Magrabi, F.; Baker, M.; Sinha, I.; Ong, M.; Harrison, S.; Kidd, M.; Runciman, W.; Coiera, E.
2013A history of comorbid depression and anxiety predicts new onset of heart diseaseBerecki-Gisolf, J.; McKenzie, S.; Dobson, A.; McFarlane, A.; McLaughlin, D.
2001The irritable bowel syndrome and psychiatric disorders in the community: is there a link?Talley, N.; Howell, S.; Poulton, R.
2016Response process and test-retest reliability of the Context Assessment for Community Health tool in VietnamDuc, D.; Bergström, A.; Eriksson, L.; Selling, K.; Ha, B.; Wallin, L.
2012A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a physical activity intervention as a treatment for depression: the treating depression with physical activity (TREAD) trialChalder, M.; Wiles, N.; Campbell, J.; Hollinghurst, S.; Searle, A.; Haase, A.; Taylor, A.; Fox, K.; Baxter, H.; Davis, M.; Thorp, H.; Winder, R.; Wright, C.; Calnan, M.; Lawlor, D.; Peters, T.; Sharp, D.; Turner, K.; Montgomery, A.; Lewis, G.
2016Assessing the appropriateness of prevention and management of venous thromboembolism in Australia: a cross-sectional studyHibbert, P.; Hannaford, N.; Hooper, T.; Hindmarsh, D.; Braithwaite, J.; Ramanathan, S.; Wickham, N.; Runciman, W.
2014The long-term effects of maternal depression: early childhood physical health as a pathway to offspring depressionRaposa, E.; Hammen, C.; Brennan, P.; Najman, J.
2016Frailty measurement in research and clinical practice: a reviewDent, E.; Kowal, P.; Hoogendijk, E.