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2012Characteristics of a widespread community cluster of H275Y oseltamivir-resistant a(H1N1)pdm09 influenza in AustraliaHurt, A.; Hardie, K.; Wilson, N.; Deng, Y.; Osbourn, M.; Leang, S.; Lee, R.; Iannello, P.; Gehrig, N.; Shaw, R.; Wark, P.; Caldwell, N.; Givney, R.; Xue, L.; Maurer-Stroh, S.; Dwyer, D.; Wang, B.; Smith, D.; Levy, A.; Booy, R.; et al.
2015Adult encephalitis surveillance: experiences from an Australian prospective sentinel site studyEastwood, K.; Paterson, B.; Levi, C.; Givney, R.; Loewenthal, M.; De Malmanche, T.; Lai, K.; Granerod, J.; Durrheim, D.
2008Climate Change and Population HealthZhang, Y.; Bi, P.; Hiller, J.
2016Tackling the burden of the hepatitis C virus in the UK: characterizing and assessing the clinical and economic consequencesWard, T.; Gordon, J.; Bennett, H.; Webster, S.; Sugrue, D.; Jones, B.; Brenner, M.; McEwan, P.
2015CareTrack Kids - part 2. Assessing the appropriateness of the healthcare delivered to Australian children: study protocol for a retrospective medical record reviewHooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; Mealing, N.; Wiles, L.; Jaffe, A.; White, L.; Cowell, C.; Harris, M.; Runciman, W.; Goldstein, S.; Hallahan, A.; Wakefield, J.; Murphy, E.; Lau, A.; Wheaton, G.; Williams, H.; Hughes, C.; Braithwaite, J.
2015CareTrack Kids - part 3. Adverse events in children's healthcare in Australia: study protocol for a retrospective medical record reviewHibbert, P.; Hallahan, A.; Muething, S.; Lachman, P.; Hooper, T.; Wiles, L.; Jaffe, A.; White, L.; Wheaton, G.; Runciman, W.; Dalton, S.; Williams, H.; Braithwaite, J.
2013Cohort profile: the born in bradford multi-ethnic family cohort studyWright, J.; Small, N.; Raynor, P.; Tuffnell, D.; Bhopal, R.; Cameron, N.; Fairley, L.; A Lawlor, D.; Parslow, R.; Petherick, E.; Pickett, K.; Waiblinger, D.; West, J.
2015Cost-utility of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-based treatment compared with thiazide diuretic-based treatment for hypertension in elderly Australians considering diabetes as comorbidityChowdhury, E.; Ademi, Z.; Moss, J.; Wing, L.; Reid, C.
2012Factors associated with anxiety disorders among HIV-positive attendees of an HIV clinic in Lagos, NigeriaOlagunju, A.; Adeyemi, J.; Erinfolami, A.; Ogundipe, O.
2015A mixed-methods approach to systematic reviewsPearson, A.; White, H.; Bath-Hextall, F.; Salmond, S.; Apostolo, J.; Kirkpatrick, P.