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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Examining cause-specific mortality effects of economic crisis in a country with rapidly declining total mortalityKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Kaplan, G.
2010Understanding the rapid increase in life expectancy in South KoreaYang, S.; Khang, Y.; Harper, S.; Davey Smith, G.; Leon, D.; Lynch, J.
2010Asian economic crises and health: population health impacts and policy responsesKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.
2013Inequalities in non-communicable diseases and effective responsesDi Cesare, M.; Khang, Y.; Asaria, P.; Blakely, T.; Cowan, M.; Farzadfar, F.; Guerrero, R.; Ikeda, N.; Kyobutungi, C.; Msyamboza, K.; Oum, S.; Lynch, J.; Marmot, M.; Ezzati, M.
2005Impact of economic crisis on cause-specific mortality in South KoreaKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Kaplan, G.
2012The changing gender differences in life expectancy in Korea 1970-2005Yang, S.; Khang, Y.; Chun, H.; Harper, S.; Lynch, J.
2017Forty years of economic growth and plummeting mortality: the mortality experience of the poorly educated in South KoreaBahk, J.; Lynch, J.; Khang, Y.
2009The contribution of material, psychosocial, and behavioral factors in explaining educational and occupational mortality inequalities in a nationally representative sample of South Korea: Relative and absolute perspectivesKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Yang, S.; Harper, S.; Yun, S.; Jung-Choi, K.; Kim, H.
2008Monitoring trends in socioeconomic health inequalities: it matters how you measureKhang, Y.; Yun, S.; Lynch, J.
2008Explaining age-specific inequalities in mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease and ischaemic heart disease among South Korean male public servants: relative and absolute perspectivesKhang, Y.; Lynch, J.; Jung-Choi, K.; Cho, H.