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2015Social inequalities in childcare quality and their effects on children's development at school entry: findings from the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenGialamas, A.; Mittinty, M.; Sawyer, M.; Zubrick, S.; Lynch, J.
2015Time spent in different types of childcare and children's development at school entry: an Australian longitudinal studyGialamas, A.; Mittinty, M.; Sawyer, M.; Zubrick, S.; Lynch, J.
2013Effectiveness of nurse home-visiting for disadvantaged families: results of a natural experimentSawyer, M.; Frost, L.; Bowering, K.; Lynch, J.
2009Critical period, accumulation and social mobility hypotheses: using a regression framework to explore mothers' partner status in early childhood and externalising behaviours of children at 5½ yearsGiles, L.; Moore, V.; Whitrow, M.; Sawyer, M.; Lynch, J.; Davies, M.
2019The effectiveness of an app-based nurse-moderated program for new mothers with depression and parenting problems (eMums Plus): pragmatic randomized controlled trialSawyer, A.; Kaim, A.; Le, H.; McDonald, D.; Mittinty, M.; Lynch, J.; Sawyer, M.
2014An equivalence evaluation of a nurse-moderated group-based internet support program for new mothers versus standard care: a pragmatic preference randomised controlled trialSawyer, A.; Lynch, J.; Bowering, K.; Jeffs, D.; Clark, J.; Mpundu-Kaambwa, C.; Sawyer, M.
2014Effectiveness of nurse home visiting for families in rural South AustraliaSawyer, M.; Pfeiffer, S.; Sawyer, A.; Bowering, K.; Jeffs, D.; Lynch, J.
2015Childhood mental disorders: a forgotten problem?Sawyer, M.; Erskine, H.; Sawyer, A.; Morrissey, M.; Lynch, J.
2014Quality of childcare influences children's attentiveness and emotional regulation at school entryGialamas, A.; Sawyer, A.; Mittinty, M.; Zubrick, S.; Sawyer, M.; Lynch, J.
2017Nurse-moderated internet-based support for new mothers: non-inferiority, randomized controlled trialSawyer, M.; Reece, C.; Bowering, K.; Jeffs, D.; Sawyer, A.; Mittinty, M.; Lynch, J.