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2010Assessing overall duration of cardiovascular medicines in veterans with established cardiovascular diseaseRoughead, E.; Vitry, A.; Preiss, A.; Barratt, J.; Gilbert, A.; Ryan, P.
2007Antidepressants: prevalence of duplicate therapy and avoidable drug interactions in Australian veteransRoughead, E.; McDermott, B.; Gilbert, A.
2009Validity of medication-based co-morbidity indices in the Australian elderly populationVitry, A.; Wong, S.; Roughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Barratt, J.
2008The impact of co-payment increases on dispensings of government-subsidised medicines in AustraliaHynd, A.; Roughead, E.; Preen, D.; Glover, J.; Bulsara, M.; Semmens, J.
2009Medication adherence, first episode duration, overall duration and time without therapy: the example of bisphosphonatesRoughead, E.; Ramsay, E.; Priess, K.; Barratt, J.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
2011Evaluating pharmaceutical policy impacts using interrupted time series analysis: An Australian case studyKemp, A.; Preen, D.; Sanfilippo, F.; Glover, J.; Semmens, J.; Roughead, E.
2010Use of health services and medicines amongst Australian war veterans: a comparison of young elderly, near centenarians and centenariansRoughead, E.; Kalisch, L.; Ramsay, E.; Ryan, P.; Gilbert, A.
2010Determinants of self-reported medicine underuse due to cost: A comparison of seven countriesKemp, A.; Roughead, E.; Preen, D.; Glover, J.; Semmens, J.
2011Collaborative home medicines review delays time to next hospitalization for warfarin associated bleeding in Australian war veteransRoughead, E.; Barratt, J.; Ramsay, E.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.; Peck, R.; Killer, G.; Gilbert, A.
2009The effectiveness of collaborative medicine reviews in delaying time to next hospitalization for patients with heart failure in the practice setting: results of a cohort studyRoughead, E.; Barratt, J.; Ramsay, E.; Pratt, N.; Ryan, P.; Peck, R.; Killer, G.; Gilbert, A.