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2015The impact of expanding access to early childhood services in rural Indonesia: evidence from two cohorts of childrenBrinkman, S.; Hasan, A.; Jung, H.; Kinnell, A.; Pradhan, M.; The World Bank
2012Jurisdictional, socioeconomic and gender inequalities in child health and development: analysis of a national census of 5-year-olds in AustraliaBrinkman, S.; Gialamas, A.; Rahman, A.; Mittinty, N.; Gregory, T.; Silburn, S.; Goldfeld, S.; Zubrick, S.; Carr, V.; Janus, M.; Hertzman, C.; Lynch, J.
2013Associations between the early development instrument at age 5, and reading and numeracy skills at ages 8, 10 and 12: a prospective linked data studyBrinkman, S.; Gregory, T.; Harris, J.; Hart, B.; Blackmore, S.; Janus, M.
2014Birth outcomes and academic achievement in childhood: a population record linkage studyMoore, E.; Harris, F.; Laurens, K.; Green, M.; Brinkman, S.; Lenroot, R.; Carr, V.
2014Data resource profile: the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI)Brinkman, S.; Gregory, T.; Goldfeld, S.; Lynch, J.; Hardy, M.
2015A whole-of-population study of term and post-term gestational age at birth and children's developmentSmithers, L.; Searle, A.; Chittleborough, C.; Scheil, W.; Brinkman, S.; Lynch, J.
2016How well can poor child development be predicted from early life characteristics?: A whole-of-population data linkage studyChittleborough, C.; Searle, A.; Smithers, L.; Brinkman, S.; Lynch, J.
2016New South Wales Child Development Study (NSW-CDS): an Australian multiagency, multigenerational, longitudinal record linkage studyCarr, V.; Harris, F.; Raudino, A.; Luo, L.; Kariuki, M.; Liu, E.; Tzoumakis, S.; Smith, M.; Holbrook, A.; Bore, M.; Brinkman, S.; Lenroot, R.; Dix, K.; Dean, K.; Laurens, K.; Green, M.
2014Anaemia of pregnancy, perinatal outcomes and children's developmental vulnerability: a whole-of-population studySmithers, L.; Gialamas, A.; Scheil, W.; Brinkman, S.; Lynch, J.
2016Hospital admission for infection during early childhood influences developmental vulnerabilities at age 5 yearsKariuki, M.; Raudino, A.; Green, M.; Laurens, K.; Dean, K.; Brinkman, S.; Lenroot, R.; Liu, E.; Harris, F.; Luo, L.; Carr, V.